Silos Toy Needs Your Help! We need high quality pictures of your rides that we can add to our website.

If you would like to have a picture of your car, truck, suv or any automotive product added to our website. Please send us a email to with the picture and a email stating this is your vehical and you give Silos Toy permission to include your automotive product picture to our website. Silos Toy does not pay roalties for the use of pictures. Due to the amount of picture request we get we may or may not choose to show your picture. Please make sure all pictures are in .jpg format and are of high quailty, we will not post any partial pictures, blury pictures or any pornographic pictures.we also ask that if the pictures shows any license plate or any other identifying material that you blur ot erase this as you wish. Any pictures that have any advertising will not be allowed unless pre approved. If you would like to use a picture to advertise please see the advertise section below

If you would like us to raffle a certain product please email us and include your request.

If you are a manufacture of a automotive product and would like us to raffle your product on our website. Please send us a email to and we can discuss what option are available.

If you would like to advertise on our website you will need to email us and we will see what options are available.Advertising can be done a few different ways. You can advertise using a picture of a car truck or suv and we can add it to our pictures, you can advertise with a brand logo at the bottom of individual pages, several pages or all pages. You can advertise by having your product listed in a certain order slot on each page. You can advertise by having your brand listed on our flyers, handouts, business cards or other paper products. You can advertise by choosing to sponsor a car truck or suv.
If you would like to use your product to pay for your advertising, please contact us on the options available.
Submit your vehical information and help us decide what products to add.

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