2006-2009 Vortech Jeep SRT8 Supercharging Systems

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Power Torque
Stock 420 HP 420 lb/ft
Vortech 560 HP* 510 lb/ft*

Included components

  • V-3 (self contained lubrication - no oil lines necessary) Si-Trim CCW rotation supercharger with an extended 6-rib belt and secondary cog drive.
  • Air/water charge air cooler (closed loop) increases performance and reliability of supercharger system and includes:
    • Welded charge air cooler core assembly with aluminum discharge tube, Bosch compressor bypass valve, silicone sleeves and stainless steel clamps.
    • Charge air cooler water storage tank with hoses, clamps and plumbing
    • Compact water circulation pump for closed loop cooling.
    • Large capacity, dual pass water cooler.
  • Supercharger drive system includes all necessary belts and pulleys.
  • Billet aluminum mounting plate assembly mounts the supercharger and power steering pump.
  • High flow inlet duct with re-useable high flow air cleaner.
  • Hand-held programmer controls ignition timing and fuel enrichment.
  • Fuel system upgrade includes larger fuel injectors and a 2 bar MAP sensor.
  • (6.1L system also includes a fuel pump voltage booster assembly)

These systems allow retention of all vehicle accessories. Installation time is 10-14 hours.

Smog Certification In Process

These systems have not yet been approved by the California Air Resources Board. 50-State emissions certification is planned. Currently these systems are legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway (off-road use only).