Silo's Toy Box is a web based automotive aftermarket and performance website designed to give people a place to find parts for there cars, trucks and suv's. We are listing products as requested and as time allows so people can get the great parts they really want at a decent cost. If you don't see a part listed feel free to send us a message on the Contact Us page with what you are looking for, we can promise to full fill all request but we will make a effort.

We sell all new parts unless otherwise listed. We will only sell parts on consignment with a 1% up front fee (non-refundable) and we will not stock or store the parts on consignment. This will be up to the seller, We will only list the item, discription and price. All transactions will be between the seller and the buyer. Silos Toy Box nor any parent company or anyone representing Silos Toy box or any parent company will be held liable for any action or transactions between buyer and seller. From here forward there must be a way for potiential buyers to contact potiential seller by email. All fees collected for consignments are for listing fees only.


Revised 02-12-2010


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