Asheron's Call Emulator Install
- I N S T A L L I N G - 
Step 1: Asheron's Call Installer - Advised to read this whole page before you install

Asheron's Call Game Installer 
Asheron's Call Game Installer
(Alternative Download Location) 

  • Right click the installer and run as admin.
  • Do not change the default install path!
  • If it won't run, check if the download finished:
  • Right click > properties > size should be 571 MB
Step 2: Replace ALL 3 files (Client, Cell and Portal Files)

Asheron's Call (Client, Cell and Portal) Files 
Asheron's Call (Client, Cell and Portal) Files
(Alternative Download Location) 

  • Download and Unzip three files: acclient.exe, client_cell_1.dat, client_portal.dat
  • Copy and paste all three files into your Turbine > AC folder.
  • Click “Replace the files.”
Step 3: ThwargLauncher
  • Download the installer above and run as admin.
  • (Important!) Do not change the default install path!
  • If you are using Windows 7? You may need: (Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (Web Installer) for Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008 SP2 Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2)
  • If you run into a error and you need to download .Net 2.0, .Net 4.5, Direct X 9.0, Microsoft C++ 2005 and/or Microsoft C++ 2005 SP1? Below should be the link to the files as needed, Click the name to attempt to go directly to the websites or click the direct download.

Microsoft .Net 
Primary Microsoft Direct X 9.0 
Instruction for Getting the Direct X installed:

Step By Step For Dummies:

1) Create Temp folder (doesn't matter where, you can delete it when you're done.
2) Download and extract the Primary Microsoft Direct X 9.0 into said temp folder
3) After extraction is complete, Temp folder will be filled with around 157/158 archive files, (and a "DXSETUP.exe") if you cant see it, click on the file type column header to re-sort untill the .exe and .dll files are at the top (NO MORE THAN TWO CLICKS!!!)
4)Run DXSETUP.exe
5)Follow step by step wizard to complete setup (won't ask for anything technical and if you mess this part up you need to step away from the computer)
Delete Temp Folder if desired (like I said, no baring on the product after installation is complete)

Alternative Microsoft Direct X 9.0  -Might not work
Microsoft C++ 2005 
Microsoft C++ 2005 SP1 (Service Pack 1) 

Step 4: Account Creation

ACE Server accounts are created automatically when you attempt to log in through ThwargLauncher with a username and password.
  • ACE Server - Coldeve - No Account Limit (36 acct limit logged in)

You will be using ThwargLauncher to log into the game
(ACE Server just attempt to log in with a user name and password of your choice)
Step 5: Character Creation
  • Character Creation should be based on your desired play style and there are several different ways to start out. I usually start in Holtburg so I know where everything is.
  • Unused skill credits will carry over to your character after logging in, but unused attributes credits will not so use those all up at character creation.
  • Battle mage: specialize War, train Life, Mana Con (46).
  • Four school mage: train War, Life, Creature, Item, Mana Con (50)
  • Archer: specialize Missile Weapons train Melee D, Fletching, Healing, Item, Mana Con (44).
  • High damage melee: specialize Two Handed Combat train Melee D, Healing, Item, Mana Con (46).
  • Tank melee: specialize Heavy or Finesse and Dual Wield with train Melee D, Healing, Item, Mana Con (46 / 44).
Pro Tips for starting out:
  • type /unfilter -magic in game to fixes the casting over and over the same buff.
  • In the training hall talk to Jonathan and give him back the Academy Exit Token to exit the training hall quicker if you want to. Out of the training hall in Holtburg, apply the Oil of Rendering to your training weapons. (lvl 5 now).
  • Now swear allegiance to anyone you want to allow passup xp not to be wasted.
  • Give your pathwarden token to Pathwarden Thorolf to get a key to his chest and xp. Loot everything, equip the armor of your choice and raise your arcane lore skill up enough to activate and equip the pathwarden trinket (lore req. 25) (4% xp increase) and hand him any items you looted from the chest you don't want. (lvl 6 now)
  • Now talk to Alcott by the lifestone for some xp and double click the lifestone to bind to it (lvl 7 now).
  • Now go into the bar and talk to Buckminster for xp. and if you didn't get a Facility Hub gem when you left the training hall? In the same bar talk to Flinrala Ryndmad and hot key that Facility Hub gem for later. (lvl 8 now)
  • Now you can choose to either see about getting buffs from someone and running out and fighting or you can do the Cow Tipping Quest, if you choose cow tipping? Go down the hill and talk to Dwennon and go double click to tip the cow 300 times and then talk to Dwennon again. (lvl 16 now)
  • If you are out fighting or tipping cows once you hit lvl 10 you can now use your Facility Hub Portal gem and start doing those quest to level faster and keep your items you turn in for xp to build you own Hub Kit for other characters of yours or to lend out to other people(you will need to ivory some items). (Hub Items only lvl 42 now)
  • Now get buffs and go to Lin and get the Tusker Guard kill task and head to Black Spawn Den till you kill 500 of them. This should make you (Lvl 52 now)
  • Level 30ish archers can use Prismatic Ammo and do not need trade mules.
  • Healing is more effective when specialized, but excessively so until higher health.
  • As soon I you can, I usually specialize my fighting skill and melee defense.
  • Level 50+ can fellowship with any level and share xp.
Step 6: Fullscreen Direct3D error and required settings

Error on starting game:
  • In Windows 10, fullscreen causes a popup error when entering the world.
  • At the character selection screen, hold Alt + Enter to change to window mode.
  • This may result in a tiny window. Ignore this for now and click Enter.

In game settings:
  • Press F11 and go to Config tab > scroll down midway to Graphics Options > resolution.
  • Click the drop down and select the highest number at the bottom to fill the screen.
  • Click "Yes" on the pop up to apply.
  • Scroll down to Rendering Quality Options > Landscape Draw Distance.
  • Click the drop down and select Very Low.
  • Scroll down to Input Options.
  • Disable "Turn your character with camera turning"
  • Click "Apply."

See the below screenshot in game to know where to find the in game setting.