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AC+ Flynn This plugin provides a variety of enhancements to Asheron's Call. See webpage for more info. (some enhancements require the Radar Add-On)  Download


Current version v2.0.0.2082 (December 9th 2009):

This plugin provides a variety of enhancements to Asheron's Call.

NB: By default, nothing is switched on- each feature needs to be enabled to work.

This plugin is still in development, and some features may not work as intended. Use at your own risk, I'm not taking responsibility if anything goes seriously wrong while using it


  • Tracks experience gained, and provides various information on total xp/hour, xp/hour in the last 5 minutes, the percentage of your xp you're gaining from your own kills and skill checks.
  • Shows kill quest counts at the end of the death message rather than in a line on it's own
  • Tracking of creature and player targets- adds a hotkey that will select the target of your target
  • Smart casting, one-touch healing, and weapon switching hotkeys. If you have another player selected, offensive spell hotkeys such as war spells/vuln/imperil will target whatever creature that player is targetting. Similarly, if you have a creature targeted, the 'heal other' hotkey will heal whichever player that creature is targetting.
  • Maintains buffs, including showing how long remains on item buffs
  • Various filters, evades, resist, 0 damage attacks, bot spam
  • Shows skill checks, including the xp gained both to the skill and to unassigned, and the difficulty of the skill check
  • Smart targetting- changes combat targets as soon as a creature dies
  • If you're running Radar Add-on, it will highlight creatures attacking you as a slightly darker orange in the radar
  • Will highlight named creatures on the radar. (You must be using Radar Add-on V1.2.0.41 or later for this to work)
  • Shows how many items you have remaining on your shortcuts in the bottom right of the screen
  • Debuffs hud
  • Information bar hud (Experimental at this stage, just shows time, xp/hour, and the status of your buff profile, it'll be configurable in the future)
  • Augmented creature health bar, showing vitals, the best damage to use on your target
  • Can show the target of your target on the radar as a spinning broken circle.
  • Hotkey to switch to the best weapon to use for your target, with the ability to customize which weapon's chosen.
  • Tracks unopened corpses.
  • Sliding block puzzle using the drudge plans. I just made it to test the new GUI system, but I couldn't resist leaving it in :)
  • Possibly others, and there's more to come.