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Ac Power Saver

AcPowerSaver limits your framerate (on the character selection screen and/or ingame) to prevent your GPU fan from spinning up too much.

Title Author Description Download
AcPowerSaver -lino- AcPowerSaver-1.0.4 -- Last Modified 28-Jul-2011 Download File
AcPowerSaver -lino- AcPowerSaver-1.0.3 -- Last Modified 20-Jan-2011 Download File
AcPowerSaver -lino- AcPowerSaver-1.0.2 -- Last Modified 18-Jan-2011 Download File
AcPowerSaver -lino- AcPowerSaver-1.0.1 -- Last Modified 16-Dec-2010 Download File
AcPowerSaver -lino- AcPowerSaver-1.0.0 -- Last Modified 14-Dec-2010 Download File
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AcPowerSaver -lino- AcPowerSaver Source Code Download File



ATTENTION: The use of this filter might lead to noticeable drop of your clients performance, which due to the nature of the game can reduce your ability to react to things and thus reduce your ability to survive certain situations.


AcPowerSaver is a decal filter that reduces the framerate of the client to reduce heat and fan noise of your graphics adapter.
It works by calling the sleep method on the current thread for a short (fixed) amount of time on every frame.


How do I configure AcPowerSaver?
Log on to any character and type "/powersaver <value>" with <value> being a number between 0 and 9. A value of 0 will effectively turn off the filter, a value between 1 and 9 will mean that the game will sleep for so many milliseconds on every frame, which means with a value of 2 you will get at the very most 500 frames per second, a value of 5 will put you around 200 frames per second maximum and a value of 9 will mean at most 111 frames per second.
Does AcPowerSaver work on the character selection screen, while logged in to the world or both?
That depends on your setting. If you set the sleep time to any value between 0 and 5 (inclusive), AcPowerSaver will only be active while you are on the character selection screen. For a value between 6 and 9, AcPowerSaver will also be active while logged on to a character, but with a reduced sleep time of 1 milliseconds, which theoretically means you can get to at most 1000 frames per second.
What is the default setting?
By default AcPowerSaver has a setting of 1, which means it will be active, but only on the character selection screen and limiting your framerate to at most 1000 frames per second. As Asheron's Call and Decal need some processing time between the frames as well you will most likely have a framerate on the character selection screen that is closer to 500 frames per second, on older computers it might be even lower.
Can't you do an adaptive degrade?
Yes, I could. But honestly the current solution does all I need (prevent my computer from being annoyingly loud while on the character selection screen) and I'd rather spend my time playing the game, working on one of my many decal plugins with an actual use or simply going out and enjoying the beauty of California. So I could, but I won't actually do it.