To Keep the Items decent. Lets say All Armor, Trinkets, Jewelry, Under Clothes should have a Legendary. Any given that don't atleast have a Legendary will be considered junk and will be dropped.

Items will be listed with a number. Bidding will run until the Last Sunday of the Month at 12:00am Eastern Time Zone (Midnight).

Lets start with no more than 5 items per person or until the Auctioneer is full and if it gets out of hand this will be adjusted. 

All bids will be in MMD form and anyone bidding up there own item or not paid in full within 7 Days of bid ending time will be banned from future bids. Ban removals will be the sole decision of the Auctioneer.

The character (Harvestgain Auctioneer) will accept payments from winning bidders for 7 Days following the end of the bidding day.

The character (Harvestgain Auctioneer) will accept bid winner payments the 1st week and pay out as they come in, New Items for the next 2 weeks and will be closed the last week for auction list preparation and will not accept Items until the next month. 

Commission: Commission of 5% of totals will be taken by the auctioneer as a service fee on any bids over 100 MMD's.

Item List will be posted as soon as possible after the Item Accepted date ends, to give people time to review and start planning bids.

If unforseen life circumstances prevents an auction list from going up, The character (Harvestgain Auctioneer) from being able to log on, or any other issues altering the auction, dates and times will be adjusted accordingly.

Item ID's will be done through Mag-Tools Id. Auctioneer is not responsible for incorrect ID's.

Multiple Bids on the same item for the same bid amount will go to the first person to bid.

Rules maybe and most likely will be changed to make the auction go smoother.

Selling Items:

Items must be given to The character (Harvestgain Auctioneer) either inscribed by the original owner with a opening bid amount or item given with a parchment with the item name, original owner and starting bid. Any Items not inscribed will not be auctioned or any items not inscribed with a opening bid amount will start at 1 MMD. 

Items not Sold will be collected by the owner during the first 7 days following the end of the auction. after the 7 days the item is considered not wanted and will be sold to a vender NPC and the proceeds will be considered a gift to the auctioneer.

Characters may be banned for multiple of reasons and if items are given for a auction by a banned character? it will be the sole decision of the Auctioneer to auction those items or not. If not those items will be available for the first 7 days after the auction ends to be return, if not collected they are considered unwanted and dropped or sold to a NPC and the proceeds are a gift to the auctioneer.

Bidding on Items:

Bidding on Items is done by...

/tell  Harvestgain Auctioneer, [Item #], [bid amount]

Make sure you do the /tell with the character you want the bid placed with as that is who will be responsible for payment.

This characters /tells will be chat logged with time stamps. Any Abuse of the Auctioneer will result in a squelch and the result will be the inability to place bids.

Ban removals will be the sole decision of the Auctioneer.

If You Win a Bid:

If you are the winning bidder you have 7 days to give the total amount of MMD's to the Auctioneer and collect your items. (You will have to catch the Auctioneer while at the keys to get your items).

Collecting Your Winnings:

Any time during the open item acceptance time people may attempt to collect the winnings for the items.