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 Currently this is the only file I know of that works correctly. Others removed due to outdated...

Below is a zip file with both files sent by Stoner and Vespers' Eclipse of Harvestgain. His buffbot gives user options of being buffed with level 7 spells or level 8's. Thanks Stoner for this nice piece of work and now includes the most recent updates as of 09-16-2012.


With collabarated work from Stoner and Vespers' Eclipse
Size : 10.104 Kb
Type : zip


 Aug'd Foci Fix for CastAway

Right click on the CastAway.dll file and Save As to a folder of choice and then copy/paste/replace that dll inside the Castaway install folder (rename the old DLL for backup purposes)
and relog back into AC and see if that helps with your toon. Don't forget to reload your XML files. YOU MAY HAVE TO DO THIS TWICE FOR IT TO KICK IN.

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