Celestial Hand Initiation

Quest Overview In order to start this quest, you must have completed the Investigate the Factions quest, which allows you to preview each faction. Once you have decided to join the Celestial Hand, this quest will make you a member.

Walk Through

Head to Hebian-To and talk to Kirina of the Celestial Hand @ 39.7S 83.6E.
Head to the Corrupted Catacombs @ 23.9S, 54.1E (Near Sawato).If you will be taking a group, you can tie to the surface portal just inside Swamp Ruin at 25.1S 52.1E to make a much shorter run.

The place is somewhat of a maze so you might have to backtrack. Run through the dungeon (look for down ramps) until you find a Slimy Key on the ground.

Once you have the key, you need to backtrack to a big open room and on the far side is another ramp down, here you should find sclavus, once you get to the sclavus section stick right and keep heading down, you will pass a surface portal. On the right hand side will be a door, use the Slimy Key on the door to unlock it.

Once through the door, grab a Corrupted Mana Shard from the pedestal.
Return the shard to Kirina of the Celestial Hand to be initiated into the Celestial Hand faction. Use the Initiate's Treasure Key to loot one of the four chests inside the Celestial Hand Stronghold (Armor Quartermaster's Chest, Equipment Quartermaster's Chest, Weapon Quartermaster's Chest, Researcher's Chest).

Note: The Corrupted Mana Shard will only last 1 hour before turning to dust so you must hand it in to Kirina of the Celestial Hand within 1 hour of picking it up.

Once initiated, you can now use the portal to the Celestial Hand Stronghold located next to Kirina.