Celestial Hand Adept Test

Walk Through

In order to advance to Adept Status you must turn in 95 Commendation Ribbons to the Promotions Officer in your society stronghold.
Speak to the Inspector of the Adepts in the east wing.

Celestial Hand - Aldrion of the Celestial Hand
Eldrytch Web - Khadira of the Eldrytch Web
Radiant Blood - Shien Genda of the Radiant Blood

Take the Neydisa Castle portal in Holtburg and run north to 74.8N, 18.4E. Go inside the Mage Academy and then exit the surface portal, this will allow you to easily portal recall. Enter the Rogue Delvings - 74.7N, 18.4E near Neydisa Castle (180+) right next to the Mage Academy.
There are three keys you need to obtain, the Celestial Hand encampment is on the west side from the drop, the Eldrytch Web to the north, and the Radiant Blood to the east.

At the end of each wing is a named Captain surrounded by Scouts that will give you a key (if same faction) or will drop the key on his corpse (if opposing faction). Note that it is easier to recall after each key and start from the drop instead of running back through the undead (if you used the surface portal in Mage Academy as suggested).

Once you have all three keys, use them to open three successive doors (color coded) to the south of the drop. Silver first, Gold second, and Green third. The doors close quickly (30 seconds). At the end of the south wing you will find Benedino. Kill him and loot the Lens of Filinuvekta.

Remember this if you pass through all three doors and die: the keys are on an hour timer, meaning you cannot finish this till an hour later if you die because you will need keys again to pass through the doors.
Return to your faction stronghold and give the lens to your Inspector of the Adepts. The item will disintegrate 1 hour (or less) after it's picked up so you must turn it in quickly.