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Title Author Description Download
Chaos Helper v2.2.5.0 invisible fire decal plugin that will allow you to customize your commands and make everything a push button instead of using hotkeys and/or chat commands. Download File
Chaos Helper Source Code invisible fire Chaos Helper v2.2.5.0 (Source Code) Download File

NOTES: per invisible fire

If you have questions regarding the code, you can contact me here or skype : chadz777

Currently configured to work with ChaosControl Meta, but can be customized how ever you see fit!

To use this plugin, add the files in the zip to the same directory of your choice and add the dll to decal.

To change where you wish the chat text to go, aka /f, /a, etc... modify Chat command: text box and press the 'set' button..

To customize this plugin modify the chaoshelper_config.txt, or any loaded config file. (you can do this while in game, and reload after you save your changes by going to the ? tab and pressing Load button).

to customize the view, modify main.layout or create a new one. Be sure to specify the layout in the top of the config file as it appears in the default file this plugin comes with. Examples Below

A new button was added in v1.2 which allows you to save your defaults. Go to the ? tab and press the save defaults button to save any changes you've made.

New Chat commands were added in v1.2 which allows you to load configs and set chat command through the chat window / metas / etc. 
Chat Commands:
- /ch help
- /ch setprofile profileName.txt
- /ch setchatcommand /f 
- /ch settab # NEW

Button Configuration File (.txt)
First Line : This is the layout that will be associated with the button layout. Every config needs a layout!
(columns represented by commas ',') 
First Column : this is how the script knows which buttons to set to what. <TabName>_Button_##
Second column : This is the text of the button. Set it how ever you wish! Example : Loot Rares
--If you wish for the button to be not visible, set the text to be NOTSET and it will hide from the screen.
--If you want a button to have an icon, add the icon value (Decimal! NOT Hex!) in brackets Example: [12345]
Third column : This is the command that will be sent to the chat. !loot rares
--You can now use any command prefix, aka ! or # or % or & etc etc... 
--If you want this to run a /command, just add the /command here. Be sure not to add more than one comma as it may bug it out. For instance: /tell Invisible Fire, boom! will work, but /tell invisible fire, hi, there! will not!
--If you want this meta to only apply to the player calling the command, you can now use [player] to plug the player name into the command. EXAMPLE: /tell [player], I'm talking to myself... OUTPUT: "You think, "I'm talking to myself..."
--If you want to display the coords of the player who calls the command, you can now use [loc] to plug the coordinates of the player into the command. Example: I'm located at [loc]! OUTPUT: "I'm located at 34.5s, 54.2w!

LAYOUT: main.layout
Adv_Button_01,Loot Rares,!loot rares 
Adv_Button_02,Loot All,!loot all 
Adv_Button_03,Jiggle On,!jiggle on 
Adv_Button_04,Jiggle Off,!jiggle off 
Adv_Button_05,Peace On,!peace on 
Example of [player]:
Adv_Button_01,Talk to Yourself,/tell [player], Hi, how are you? 
Example of [loc]:
Adv_Button_02,My Loc,[loc]
Example of Icons:
Ports_Button_05,[10725|Show Text],!aphus < Will also display text!

Some nice button backgrounds include:
6956, 6957, 6958, 6959
19518, 19519, 19532, 19533, 19534, 19535

Use Digero's Ac Icon Browser to view all possible icons -
Right-click an icon to copy the Decimal value

Modifying/Creating the layout: (.layout) 
windowposition: 50, 50 < Default load location of window
windowsize: 360, 200 < Sets the main tab size (if not set will default to 360, 200
windowstartopen: true < Sets the layout to default open 
buttonpadding: 10 < Padding size (how much space between buttons)
tab: Basic < Tab Name. Buttons in the config text file will need to labeled by TabName_Button_## (example: Basic_Button_01)
tabvisible: false < Sets if the tab should start visible or not (true or false)
tabsize: 340, 350 < Size of the tab and the popout window
tabposition: 390, 50 < Default location of the tab popout 
cols: 2 < Number of columns you want
rows: 7 < Number of Rows
Button_01: 2 < Span value for button 1 (make it span 2 columns)
Button_02: 1 < Span value for button 2 (make it only span 1 column)
Button_03: 1 < MORE BUTTONS!!! ARGH
Button_04: 1
tab: Adv < Tab Name for the second tab
tabvisible: false < Sets if the tab should start visible or not (true or false)
tabsize: 340, 350 < Size of the tab and the popout window
tabposition: 390, 50 < Default location of the tab popout
cols: 2 < Number of Columns for this tab
rows: 7 < Number of Rows for this tab
Button_01: 1 < Span of 1
Button_02: 1

Known Issues:
None at the moment. Please leave feed back so I can properly fix known issues! Thanks :D

Upcoming Features:
Possibly allow the ability to load custom images instead of AC Icons... if I get a big enough request, I will do this.

Change Notes:
V2.2.5 NEW
Added new chat command /ch settab # to auto switch to a tab via command. 
V2.2.4 Downloads: 12
Added "windowsize:" option to layout files. This will adjust the main tab (?) size to prevent large layouts from breaking. 
V2.2.3 Downloads: 51
Added the ability to set commands with coordinates of the player who issues the command. EX: Misc_Button_04,My LOC ,[loc]
Added functionality so any prefix symbol will work! #, $, %, ^ etc etc.. everything should work now!
V2.2.2 Downloads: 14
Added the ability to set commands with player names. EX : Misc_Button_04,Self Command, /tell [player], !Command
V2.2.1 Downloads: 60
Made it so /ch setprofile profile.txt will not auto-popup main window unless it was already visible. -As requested by snail
Added correct rynthid recall mask icon to the ports tab
V2.2.0 Downloads: 28
New version 'should not' affect old configs/layouts. If it does, Sorry! 
Added Icon-able buttons
Added Ability to send /commands (full control of vtank commands if you like!)
Added closable popup windows.
V2.1.0 Downloads: 64
Added Popout tabs
V2.0.0 Downloads: 20
Added customizable windows!!
V1.2.1 Downloads: 22
Fixed command bug causing players to not be able to chat.
V1.2 Downloads: 6
NOTE: Old config files will need to be modified (Remove the first line that says "SETCHATCOMMAND" completely)
Ini file now contains defaults for profile and chat command
Drop down with hot-swappable config files
Chat commands!.
- /ch help
- /ch setprofile profileName.txt
- /ch setchatcommand /f 
V1.1 Downloads: 14
Added customization txt file to modify button scripts to anything you'd like.