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Comp HUD

CompHud shows a HUD that keeps track of components you carry. It also has some text commands to count/move/sort items in your packs.

Title Author Description Download
AcPowerSaver -lino- CompHud-1.6.5 -- Last Modified 25-Mar-2012 Download File
AcPowerSaver -lino- CompHud-1.6.2 -- Last Modified 28-Jul-2011 Download File
AcPowerSaver -lino- CompHud-1.6.0 -- Last Modified 12-Jul-2011 Download File
AcPowerSaver -lino- CompHud-1.5.1 -- Last Modified 16-Dec-2010 Download File
---------------- -------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------
Comp HUD -lino- Comp HUD Source Code Download File