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 Not up to date for the Balance of Power changes 


Originally by Paraduck

and Reassembled thanks to FireSickle 


CraftBot is a crafting/imbueing plugin for AC Decal made by Paraduck.

In 2011 I disassembled the DLL that an allegiance member was using and spent a few weeks reprogramming it so it could be recompiled and updates could be made to it. Paraduck stated he no longer had the source code and the disassembly process is not exactly straight forward. I released an update so the salvage workmanship worked once again and this page is a place holder for those downloads.



Below is a working DLL that you can download and replace your current CraftBot DLL with. I also included the original installer which you will need to use to install it first if you have not already.

(Note, you do not need to reinstall, if you already have this installed, skip the install step)

Download the original installer here:

Extract the new DLL here:

Download the new Recipe's file here:

(if the recipes file just opens in your web browser, go to File -> SaveAs in your web browser to save it)

(Note, you do not need to reinstall, if you already have this installed, skip the install step)
1) Install CraftBot

2) Overwrite the CraftBot.dll file in your install directory
Default(C:\Program Files\Paraduck\CraftBot\)

3) Overwrite the Recipes.xml file in your mydocuments folder
Default(C:\Documents And Settings\Username\My Documents\Paraduck\CraftBot)

4) Enjoy some good old tinking...



Disassembling this program was a real pain in the neck. The code was obfuscated, all of the variables and class objects were renamed to "a", "b", "aa", "ab", etc... The source code has much of the objects and almost all of the events/functions renamed to something that you can understand. It includes the change I made to get the new salvage workmanships working. There is barely any commenting (there was none in the DLL) but I did manage to gather a lot of the code into regions to make it a bit easier to manage. If this source code does not render a working DLL let me know, I wasn't dillegent in how I organized the code and I have several working versions of the source code without a way to know which is which. I stopped working on CraftBot 2, there is nothing of value in that code so I didn't include it.

Feel free to email me with questions or requests for different source if this isn't the right version (
Visual Studio 2010 C# Express Edition is what I used to work on this project,