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DCS color system as developed by Deadeye, and extended by Lone Wolf and Rhesus.

Title Author Version Description Download
DCS (Deadeye's Color System) Deadeye (1.9b Alpha) Outputs the color of armor without having to wield it
Direct Download:
DCS Updated Color Lone Wolf and Rhesus 2012 Version A xml-file including the newly added colors and renamed colors for DCS can be downloaded here (right click, "save link as"). Copy it to your DCS folder, rename the old dcs.xml (for backup reasons) to something like dcs_old.xml and rename the downloaded file to dcs.xml.  Download


Have you every seen armor on a trade bot or in a corpse that you wonder what color it is? Wouldn't it be nice to know the color of armor is before you try it on? Have you been storing all your armor to sell until you get around of determining what color it is, because you know the first question will be, "What color is it"?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then Deadeye's Color System (DCS) is for you. Here is a run down of some of the features.

  • Show the Color of Armor or clothing Without putting it on
  • Optionally, Identify Armor and clothing AL, protects and spells, Simply by Selecting It
  • Find Armor with matching colors with a single click
  • Generate a List of Armor for use on Web page or VN Board post, complete with a color swatch or simple text
  • Select what you generate list for, an item or a packfull at a time.
  • Copy to the clipboard a single item or a entire packfull of items ready to paste on the VN boards or into a html document
  • Color names table can be kept current with new color names with an in-game command
  • Bandit Site/2 shows color names of armor when DCS is active

Using The DCS Window

The DCS panel is organized as follows.

  • The top line is the currently selected item's name
  • The next four lines are the colors and names of the selected Armor or Clothing, if known
  • The Hold buttons on the far left are used to hold the color to compare to other armor, click on it and it will copy the color just to the right
  • The Color buttons just to the left of the color name is the color swatch for the selected item. Click on that and DCS will list all the armor and clothing that has that exact color.
  • The Color Name and number is displayed. Throughout beta the color names may change but the number will remain consistant. I am looking for AC Lore inspired names for the colors.
  • The check mark on the bottom left is to activate auto ID and list, currently it will do everything, so I recommend only having this checked when browsing your inventory or the inventory of trade bots.
  • The Text button will send text to the screen the currently selected item or the armor in the selected container in format selected
  • The Scan button will identify all items not already identified, it will give an estimate on how long is left to identify the items when it is clicked.
  • The check mark between the Scan and Copy buttons forces all items with color to be identified as they are found. When checked, it will identify all item not identified so far.only items in players inventory will be listed, if checked, all items known will be listed.
  • The Copy button will put the text to the clipboard instead of display to screen
  • The File button will append the text to a file instead display to screen. Each Day a new file is started.
  • The Choice box at the bottom determines the format of the output for Text, List and File formats. It has no effect on the auto identify format. Choices are:
    Single Line Text (default)
    Multi Line Text
    Multi Line w/VN Codes (for posting to VN/IGN boards)
    Multi Line w/HTML Codes (for posting on web pages)

@DCS Commands

These commands can be entered on the command line in-game.

@dcs [help] -- Show valid DCS commands
@dcs download -- Download current color descriptions from
@dcs export -- Create a color description file
@dcs import -- Load color descriptions from color table xml file
@dcs save -- Save current color table
@dcs debug ([on] | off) -- Turn on/off Debug messages
@dcs stats ([on] | off) -- Turn on/off Statistic Logging

Note: the download option will take a moment or two, so do in safe place.
You can also manually download the colortable and save it as dcs.xml in your install directory.


Click the following To view the colors:
  • Colors By ID
  • Colors By Name
  • Colors By Hue
  • Color Swatches


      Required Support Software

    • You have to have installed:
    • Uninstall the prior release
    • Download the software at
    • Execute the download DCS.msi

        Sample Display

      • Gold Platemail Hauberk w5 AL=(220:285,220,220,88,88,132,88) 8630p 2299bu
        __ __ Colors(Goldenrod-1100/AquaShadows-1489)

        Bronze Amuli Coat w5 (9 Tinks) AL=(403:403,443,403,161,161,241,344) 5140p 1226bu inscribed
        __ __ __ Colors(ColbanBlue-4384/MossGrey-1520/ColbanBlue-4384)

        Bronze Amuli Coat w5 AL=(222:222,244,222,166,196,254,88) 4576p 1173bu inscribed
        __ __ __ Colors(Tangerine-1681/BrickRed-1473/AbyssBlack-1158)

        Copper Amuli Coat w7 AL=(240:240,264,240,181,96,144,182) 36533p 1168bu
        Endurance Self V, Impenetrability IV, Piercing Bane VI, Lore=141+ Craft=228 Missile=173+
        __ __ __ Colors(Rust-1678/DilloBrown-1503/MorningSun-1105)

        Copper Amuli Coat w4 AL=(211:211,232,211,84,194,126,175) 5250p 1144bu
        Impenetrability IV, Lore=91+ Craft=150 Missile=118+
        __ __ __ Colors(Flame-1676/Rose-1480/RichCoco-1680)

        Pyreal Amuli Coat w4 AL=(215:215,236,215,86,86,129,86) 4453p 1283bu
        __ __ __ Colors(SpringGreen-1116/BrothelRed-1466/OldIronGrey-1153)

        Pyreal Chainmail Basinet w7 AL=(219:262,219,175,220,131,231,87) 8737p 196bu
        Armor Tinkering Expertise Self VI, Impenetrability V, Minor Coordination, Lore=115+ Craft=236 Melee=256+
        __ Colors(TreeFrog-1111)

        Iron Helmet w4 AL=(202:262,202,202,80,80,121,80) 2979p 439bu
        Flame Bane III, Impenetrability V, Minor Quickness, Lore=163+ Craft=210
        __ Colors(SeasprayGreen-1673)

        Gold Helmet w5 AL=(199:258,199,199,79,129,119,79) 3326p 533bu
        Impenetrability VI, Magic Resistance Self VI, Lore=267+ Craft=267
        __ Colors(TreeSnake-1112)

        Pyreal Helmet w7 AL=(228:296,228,228,91,91,239,228) 9927p 349bu
        Rejuvenation Self V, Impenetrability V, Flame Bane VI, *MAJOR IMPENETRABILITY*, Minor Storm Bane, Minor Frost Ward, Lore=230+ Craft=265 Sho
        __ Colors(BasePurple-3660)