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Decal View Code Generator

Decal View Code Generator helps create the skeleton code for Decal GUIs that use the .NET Adapter's "Codeless" views. With a large GUI and large number of controls, it can become tedious to create the variables and event handlers for all of the controls, and this code generator is here to help :).

Requires the .NET Framework 2.0!

Current Version
Decal View Code Generator v1.0

Previous Versions

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The main window
Select your Decal View XML then click Load.

Click on a column header to sort by that column. It is recommended that you sort by Tab before generating the code (see Notes below).

Selecting Compact Code will put each variable declaration on a single line.


  • The Hide controls with default names option removes from the list any controls that have default names from Visual Decal (e.g. "Label6").
  • Decal View Code Generator (DVCG) will keep track of which controls you have selected for each view XML. When you load a view that you previously used, DVCG will load those settings, and put an asterisk next to any controls that are new since the last time you used DVCG.

    You can easily select all of the new controls if you sort by the asterisk column.
  • The view XMLs are identified by their file paths. If you move or rename the file, you will lose the settings for it.
  • Sorting by the tab colum will sort in the order that the tabs phyiscally appear (not alpabetical order). Within each tab, it will sort the controls by their physical (x, y) location in the layout. If you generate the code while sorted by Tab, DVCG will add comments about which tab the controls belong to.
Known Bugs
None. Use one of the methods on the left to contact me if you find one.
Version History
Decal View Code Generator v1.0 February 18, 2006
  • Initial Release
Source Code
DecalViewCodeGen Source v1.0
Source code is available to aid aspiring plugin writers in getting started. If you plan to use large portions of my source in your own plugin, please contact me first.