Using this method of multi-clienting only requires a single install of AC

Locate your Documents\Asheron's Call\UserPreferences.ini -- Right click and Edit
Find [Net] and change ComputeUniquePort to True and save

Open Decal - Options - Check "Dual Log" and click Ok

You can now log in as many clients as you wish using the normal aclauncher.

Automatically enter username/pw fields, select world and login:

Create a shortcut to your aclauncher for each instance of AC you wish to run
Right click - Edit each shortcut. In the "Target" field add the following to the end of the string

Code: Select all

-username "MyUsername" -password "MyPassword" -w "ServerName" -2 -3

It should look similar to this

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"C:\Games\Asheron's Call\aclauncher.exe" -username "MyUsername" -password "MyPassword" -w "ServerName" -2 -3

The -2 and -3 tells the launcher to press the "Next" button to complete each step


Written by Hell's Wrath of MT