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Eps Pet Manager

by EPS 

EPS Pet Manager V1.1 EPS Auto summon pets. Control how close monsters have to be before a pet is used.
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Use = Single Pet to use

Recharge = Which Pet to recharge (it auto uses the Encapsulated Spirits)

Heading = Used when not running a route and you need to turn a certain heading to cast

Fully Use, By Name, No Refill = Will use all of that pet by name till you are empty

Only Summon When Mobs in Range = .14 is default and is approx. pet agrro range but can be raised or lowered as needed


Eps Route Trigger

by EPS 

Eps Route Trigger V3a EPS Older Version V3a - Control what triggers a new route.
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Eps Route Trigger V4b EPS Newest Version V4b Control what triggers a new route.
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You must have decal to use this version. Go back to the old copy if this doesnt work for you. email for any issues.

You must have Sellvage version 1.3.0 if you wish to use /sv sell command
DELETE YOUR SETTINGS FILE BEFORE USING (in the same folder as your .dll) 

Eps Val Salv

by EPS 

Eps Val Salv V3a EPS Control how bags of salvage are combined.
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