Well I made this page to help a few friends with daily task that might be automated instead of spending hours in front of the computer screen.

There are alot instrcutions to make this work so make sure read everything first and don't be afraid to jump in the cold water and try to swim.

Ok this a basic script program that someone else wrote along time ago to help with some task in a game. This is a launch point program and you will have to write the code to go in it. I will give some examples of what has worked for me and you can alter it as you need.

Here is some basics of what you will need to do.

First download the program called AC Tool below, I usually put a shortcut to this program on my desktop.

Second you need to open what ever program or game you want AC Tool to do stuff in, I usually make sure the window for the program or game is maximized so there are no issues of the the placement of the window on the screen. Since this program will use mouse coordinates to do things the window of the program or game has to always be in the same spot.

Third now that the program or game is open and the screen is maxamized, you will be using screen shots of the whole screen to find the exact coordinates for the mouse position. You more than likely will have to take alot of screen shots if one action causes another to change something on the screen. I usually make a folder on my desktop to save all the screen shots in. The way I take my screen shots to get the coordinates is. I hit the button in the upper right corner area of my keyboard named PrntScn, next I open Paint and click Edit then Paste. This should paste your screen shot in the window. Now I save that file in the folder for that program. Once you save it you can open this file in paint any time and use your mouse to get exact coordinates for any give point on the screen.

Forth you will need to tell AC Tool what you want it to do. I will link a few examples here and you can alter these examples or start from scratch.

Here is the zip file for Ac Tool


actoolinstall_530.zip actoolinstall_530.zip
Size : 4.347 Kb
Type : zip