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FOG Ftuoil Xelrash A Multi Use Plugin. See Screenshots for more information. Download


Download Latest Release v - 04-30-2009
How to use FOG Thirst

Program Requirements:
.NET 2.0 Framework
MS Script 5.6
MS XML 4.0
Decal 3 Alpha 8 (



This FOG THIRST guide was created by: Explicit of the Darktide Server


Using thirst is VERY easy, probably easier than you think.

This guide will provide a detailed explanation on how to use it. ENJOY!


1) When you enter EO, position your character by the huge mushroom facing NORTH WEST, just like in this screenshot.


2) Go to your thirst tab, and click on a player’s name. NOT the circle, but the players name.

This will attempt a level 1 magic yield, if you click on the circle that will attempt a level 7 spell of your choice.

You can click on the circles but I personally prefer the name, because it's a lot faster.


3) Now that you're equipped with this information, let’s start thirsting!

Once you click on the player’s name, your character will face a certain direction.

You will turn Either West or North.Now let me explain this. If your character turns NORTH


That means the character is ONLINE but NOT in the dungeon (although he might be in either of those 2 rooms to the north of the dungeon, so you might want to check them before you thirst.

I personally don't because no one really does any macroing there but w/e.


If your character turns WEST

That means they are in the dungeon W00T! FREE LEWTS!!!111!!!11

4) When you thirst a character they will receive a message saying that someone is trying to cast on you but they're too far away (duh) this is very bad

You don't want to give yourself away, so in order to stop this, just tap the left arrow key and that'll cancel the spell.


5) Once you manually add someone to your thirst list, a file(ThirstDB)will be created in your FOG folder.

DELETE everything in that file. After that, copy and paste this EXACT list in your folder.

Make sure you SAVE the file.


"C A R N A G E'",1343789637,"Batesian Mimic"
"Wonko the Sane",1343716014,"Batesian Mimic"
"Bowdagg",1343330540,"Batesian Mimic"
"Laczek",1343691686,"Batesian Mimic"
"Mec",1343286168,"Batesian Mimic"
"Buh-Bye",1343145388,"Batesian Mimic"
"Mr Drake",1343286174,"Batesian Mimic"
"Dread Pirate Robert",1343549279,"Duke T S F"
"Peter Griffon",1343651780,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Natural Beauty",1343748542,"Batesian Mimic"
"Soul of Kartaiv",1343659499,"Batesian Mimic"
"My Cousin Vinny",1343755690,"Batesian Mimic"
"Pun the thugg",1343600055,"Batesian Mimic"
"Rayvenn",1343262288,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Heaven of Hell",1342807645,"Batesian Mimic"
"Manslaughter X",1343599198,"Batesian Mimic"
"Pun",1343016085,"Batesian Mimic"
"Back from the Dead",1343660719,"Batesian Mimic"
"Zuz",1343491017,"Batesian Mimic"
"Count of Monte Cristo",1343284268,"Batesian Mimic"
"Lancelot Hood",1343286170,"Batesian Mimic"
"After Bite",1343200838,"Batesian Mimic"
"Ayn Eziert",1343775897,"Powers Inc"
"Glovery",1343591489,"Duke T S F"
"Xmd",1343787222,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Disposition",1343172412,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Pleet",1343783794,"Batesian Mimic"
"Pleenis",1343619658,"Batesian Mimic"
"Filthy Beast",1343599203,"Batesian Mimic"
"Social Tool",1343167866,"Powers Inc"
"Wrath of V e g e t a",1343564450,"Dark Rocx"
"Adrienne",1343419225,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Definition of Evil",1342783348,"Sovereignty"
"Big Top Tomato",1343364721,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Pat Mason'",1342712121,"Batesian Mimic"
"Wee-Rugged",1343469041,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Brutal Equation",1342454736,"Batesian Mimic"
"Peach Schnapps",1342941691,"Duke T S F"
"The Timulus",1343679646,"Monarch"
"Anistasia",1343681599,"The Sith Lord"
"Corelli's Mandolin",1343392413,"Batesian Mimic"
"Father of black soul",1343025372,"Pure Pwnage"
"Mos Def",1342705477,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Purple Lange",1343685233,"Dynasty of Amber"
"The Djinn",1343791786,"Phoenix Dynasty"
"Mister Moonshine",1343750869,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Murph of the B O L P",1343150119,"Batesian Mimic"
"Natalie-Portman",1342562289,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Cannibal-Corpse",1343348616,"Batesian Mimic"
"Racin Jayson",1343599524,"Batesian Mimic"
"Scooch-the-Feared",1343642203,"Batesian Mimic"
"Gigias",1343780541,"Batesian Mimic"
"Heckey",1343757959,"The Fremen Knights"
"Dipset",1343779766,"Batesian Mimic"
"El Barto",1343641382,"Pure Pwnage"
"Groopk",1343440737,"Batesian Mimic"
"Spawn of light",1343401021,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Good Burger",1343791449,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Freezer Burn",1343783927,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Asuka Langley",1343051317,"Evil Yeti"
"Wolfs Lady",1343622653,"Wiccan Witch"
"Chocolate Bread",1343789649,"Batesian Mimic"
"Zamara",1343770770,"Phoenix Dynasty"
"Archmage Lazarus",1342746159,"Brendan"
"Impunity",1342218004,"Batesian Mimic"
"Yoda The Dark",1343750345,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Monte'Bianco",1343753851,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Dread Lord Jon",1343598700,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Nitric",1343700635,"Powers Inc"
"Dropkick J",1343376437,"Duke T S F"
"Alby",1343720139,"Wiccan Witch"
"Elizabeth' Bathory",1343748363,"The Fremen Knights"
"Keromar",1343588083,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Mage of darkness'",1343504279,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Biznazzle",1343620097,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Warlock'",1343440199,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Smokin Guns",1343796962,"Batesian Mimic"
"Wiccan Witch",1342869258,"Monarch"
"Bone Thugzz",1343794252,"Brendan"
"Eraser",1343658018,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Perma Project",1343416881,"Brendan"
"Morag the Rock",1343704954,"Endrin the Mercenary"
"Mistress of Desires",1342285017,"Batesian Mimic"
"Unstable Drunk",1343756993,"Brendan"
"Papa's Home",1343776925,"Brendan"
"Kegulator",1343110016,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Dark Rocx",1343372591,"Monarch"
"The North Face",1343782556,"Brendan"
"Passing Time",1343775751,"Brendan"
"Rouge Devil",1343626406,"Brendan"
"MacDuff Style",1343728427,"Brendan"
"Evil's Touch",1343101084,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Nemesis Enforcer",1342287592,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Areola of Amber",1343754071,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Ghost Like Swayze",1343793061,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Puff the magical Dragon",1343770329,"Brendan"
"B'Rabbit",1343731906,"The Fremen Knights"
"Mad Kow",1343237122,"Brendan"
"Captain Dasha",1343421559,"Batesian Mimic"
"Kevin Casztlock",1343228170,"Pure Pwnage"
"The Applicator",1343790185,"Wiccan Witch"
"Zakreon",1343791618,"Wiccan Witch"
"Ogadei Khan",1343283893,"Og"
"Lamentation",1343766454,"Powers Inc"
"Summary of Your Life",1343749436,"Batesian Mimic"
"Endreta",1343749752,"Batesian Mimic"
"Glimpse",1343155746,"Batesian Mimic"
"Beltene",1343344003,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Solclaim pvp Club",1343151214,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Zandoli",1343721484,"Batesian Mimic"
"Ruthless",1342188419,"Batesian Mimic"
"D o Z",1343777004,"Brendan"
"Ronaldinho",1343784967,"Batesian Mimic"
"Say' Geji",1343527289,"Endrin the Mercenary"
"Isparian hunter",1343230408,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Fujinn",1343785742,"Endrin the Mercenary"
"Quai Gon-Jin",1343380332,"Batesian Mimic"
"Worthless Pk",1343698934,"Dynasty of Amber"
"R-E-D-N-E-C-K",1343049263,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Hanzo Hasashi",1343760406,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Doomgaze of Kfc",1343643769,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Msn Ac Pest Unit",1342998782,"Wiccan Witch"
"Corvious",1343647727,"The Sith Lord"
"Sunzisa",1343747218,"Phoenix Dynasty"
"Orahn",1342874336,"The Sith Lord"
"Demon of Darktide",1342890450,"Batesian Mimic"
"Dragons rage",1343294137,"Phoenix Dynasty"
"Rage of the B-O-L-P",1342925684,"The Darktide Coalition"
"God's Right Hand Man",1343750741,"Batesian Mimic"
"Denon",1343783800,"Phoenix Dynasty"
"Sundancer",1342473842,"Batesian Mimic"
"Sonorus",1343801260,"The Timulus"
"Killer instincts",1343682485,"Khao"
"Guilty Pleasures",1343724357,"Khao"
"The Battle Mage",1343373503,"Dark Rocx"
"Rugged of Amber",1343752994,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Legato L-K-D",1343643513,"Brendan"
"Sick Made",1343714756,"Batesian Mimic"
"Eljah al-Sayid",1342697873,"The Darktide Coalition"
"Xodia",1343726515,"Batesian Mimic"
"Realm of Distubance",1343769476,"Brendan"
"Come Play Dying",1343162321,"The Sith Lord"
"Zodiac Killer",1343508516,"Evil Yeti"
"Dr die",1343768282,"Batesian Mimic"
"Denied",1343299521,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Hairy of the B-O-L-P",1343028710,"Batesian Mimic"
"Blood Redd",1343677795,"Powers Inc"
"Black Jr",1343264216,"Batesian Mimic"
"Blind Bum",1343664681,"Batesian Mimic"
"Coitus Interuptus",1343591696,"Brendan"
"Rishadan",1343525178,"The Lange Gang"
"Moon-X L",1343655166,"Evil Yeti"
"Toofy II",1343802111,"Spiritual Death"
"Crosis'",1343028760,"The Lange Gang"
"Zanobi",1343773354,"Phoenix Dynasty"
"Viper Gts",1342442923,"Brendan"
"Kamila",1342848825,"Powers Inc"
"Wolf Hour",1343764132,"Spiritual Death"
"Dom Corleone",1343477173,"The Darktide Coalition"
"Scheisse kopf",1343802665,"The Timulus"
"Jeanelle",1343803163,"Spiritual Death"
"John Creasy",1343780408,"Og"
"Fuzzy Wumpkins",1343607677,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Azearoth",1343505033,"Powers Inc"
"Omni Deus",1343585571,"Powers Inc"
"Dts most wanted",1343637892,"Powers Inc"
"Quetzel",1343639220,"The Fremen Knights"
"Lange Gang",1343653948,"The Lange Gang"
"Z A P",1343183085,"Phoenix Dynasty"
"Mister Napalm",1343773048,"Batesian Mimic"
"Rage Lange",1343446857,"The Lange Gang"
"Dipper",1343661517,"Wiccan Witch"
"Jin west",1343540660,"Powers Inc"
"Jason V",1343455482,"Powers Inc"
"Doctor Dookie",1343669858,"Khao"
"Saiaku",1343255175,"Powers Inc"
"Psychopathic Rider",1343538466,"Khao"
"Dadune",1343002387,"Batesian Mimic"
"Gp skywalker",1343373207,"Powers Inc"
"Piensa",1343286169,"Batesian Mimic"
"X G",1343014992,"Batesian Mimic"
"Moah d'Ambre",1342779604,"Brendan"
"Dizzrespect",1343325048,"Evil Yeti"
"Valis of the B-O-L-P",1343341441,"Batesian Mimic"
"Tossing",1343754026,"Batesian Mimic"
"Diar",1343670528,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Spinal Remains",1343382323,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Shui Po",1343621973,"Brendan"
"Uncle Mearl",1343766418,"Brendan"
"Hannibal of Borg",1343124570,"Brendan"
"Forsaken Angel",1343126548,"Brendan"
"The Brutal Truth",1343262986,"The Darktide Coalition"
"Pigstyle",1343783900,"Duke T S F"
"Kelshak",1343782184,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Jurgis",1343266277,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Ayncient",1342998206,"Duke T S F"
"Fizzle Nut",1342473565,"Batesian Mimic"
"Brain of the B-O-L-P",1343323172,"Batesian Mimic"
"Maximus Desimus",1342916064,"Khao"
"The Last Hito",1343803225,"Final Fear"
"Ice Creamsellah",1342516964,"Batesian Mimic"
"Raw Power",1343414823,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Zultar De Mor",1343650423,"Batesian Mimic"
"Evil Yeti",1343302541,"Monarch"
"Saul T Nutts",1343713292,"Khao"
"Annabel Lee",1343655578,"Khao"
"The Walking Dude",1343262397,"Khao"
"Kdizog of the B O L P",1343152544,"Batesian Mimic"
"Davidz Uk",1343363384,"The Darktide Coalition"
"Physco-The-Feard",1343748552,"The Darktide Coalition"
"Sha Nay Nay",1343768865,"The Timulus"
"Enzyte Bob",1343725028,"The Timulus"
"Black Ace",1343686665,"Batesian Mimic"
"Eliana",1343324204,"Batesian Mimic"
"Pure Holocaust",1343251567,"The Darktide Coalition"
"Blu Monk",1343769871,"Batesian Mimic"
"I Puked on your sister",1343742657,"Brendan"
"Dread Lord Arctic",1342979451,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Joejoethehitman",1343698872,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Illservian's Wrath",1343374541,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Archangel of Sorrow",1343587982,"Dynasty of Amber"
"H'ollywood",1343721180,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Grief Magi",1343484635,"Brendan"
"Blazin Mage",1343673348,"Brendan"
"Viper's Shadow",1342268761,"Brendan"
"When Seven Become One",1343780681,"Brendan"
"Nickyryu",1343746430,"Batesian Mimic"
"Tyreal X",1343146591,"Batesian Mimic"
"Delphi Dark",1343519935,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Damysus",1343758862,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Kadorn",1343274773,"Batesian Mimic"
"Kajabor",1343429571,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Deadly'Assassain'",1343513924,"Batesian Mimic"
"Shizzly",1343652280,"Batesian Mimic"
"Harmed",1343769159,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Kerrie",1343785032,"Dynasty of Amber"
"Invincible Zoki",1343783754,"Batesian Mimic"
"Daeragon The Dark",1343785905,"Khao"
"Bloodthirsty kittie",1343798274,"Wiccan Witch"
"Thedangerouswolf",1343665243,"Wiccan Witch"