Investigate the Factions

Quest Overview

You must complete this quest as a prerequisite before being able to join any of the three factions. Note that now that the factions are in game, it was discovered you only need to do the task for the faction you want to join, you don't have to do all three if you don't want to. For example, if you are joining Celestial Hands, you just need to do Joku Shunja's task. 

Walk Through

Speak to Jondor Torgren at 13.6N 0.7E in Zaikhal. For the following steps you can do all three factions (more xp) or just the one you will join (faster). No part of this quest obligates you to any faction.

Radiant Blood - Travel to east side of Graveyard and speak to Jawaq ibn Janath at 65.3S 42.3W. Kill the Blight Lictor amongst the Blight Revenants in the pit just south of him.

Radiant Blood - Give the Blight Lictor's Head to Jawaq for the Radiant Blood Letter of Introduction.

Eldrytch Web - Go to the north side of Graveyard and speak to Kousu Temo at 64.2S 44.0W. Look for the Large Blight Rat in the Blight Rat Bunker at 64.0S 44.2W who drops the chest key, then get the Scepter of Menilesh from the Blight Rat Chest.(Alternatively you can just pick the chest, it's resistance 300.)

Eldrytch Web - Give the scepter to Kousu for the Eldrytch Web Letter of Introduction.

Celestial Hand - Go to the west side of Graveyard and speak to Candrus Steady-Hand at 65.8S, 45.3W. Kill eight of the Blight Spirits just west of him.

Celestial Hand - Talk to him again for the Celestial Hand Letter of Introduction.

You should now have three letters of introduction (or one if just doing the minimum to join a faction), take them to Ayan Baqur and give to their respective faction NPCs for the books describing the operating principles and ethics of each faction.

Celestial Hand - Joku Shunja at 60.1S 88.0W
Eldrytch Web - Qurakh al-Taal at 59.9S 87.9W
Radiant Blood - Vierana du Canamorra at 60.0S 87.8W

Take the three books back to Jondor Torgren in Zaikhal for xp (you get to keep the books for reference). Note that if you hand the book a 2nd time you will lose it (Jondor Torgren tells you, "You've already shown me this book. I don't need to see it again, I've already made my copy. You weren't trying to hornswoggle more experience out of me, were you?")

Jondor asks for manifestos, it is unclear if he is referring to the books, or perhaps to the next item to be found?? UPDATE: The manifesto referred to is clearly the books you give him for xp.