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InVetro Trevis Version A character creation / xp spending filter for AC Decal.  Download


  • Install InVitroInstaller-
  • Go to and export a character json file
  • Save the generated json file to documents/Decal Plugins/InVitro/eggs/<server>/<account_name>/<character_name>.json (making sure to replace <server>, <account_name>, and <character_name> in the path above)
  • Next time your game is at the character list screen, if there is an egg json file without a character created, it will automatically attempt to create it.
  • If you want to have your character automatically spend xp as it earns it, you need to define a template. See the Templates section

More Info

  • The default loginCommand is set to /mt logoff to facilitate creating multiple characters on the same account. You can change it by editing Documents\Decal Plugins\InVitro\config.xml.
  • You can edit default starting town and login commands in Document/Decal Plugins/InVitro/config.xml
  • If you want to adjust a starting town or login commands per character, edit the character json file and add the following top level attributes:
'startingTown': 'sanamar',
'loginCommands': [
	'/vt echo This is a custom login command',
	'/mt jump'
  • You can optionally have a character get deleted and remade repeatedly if you set the top level attribute 'repeatedlyDelete': true. When at the login screen, it will first delete any existing characters with the repeatedlyDelete attribute set to true. After deleting it will go through its normal creation stage.
  • If there is a problem creating a character, the json file gets moved an aborts/ directory so that the bot doesn't get stuck looping on it. Note: if repeatedlyDelete is set to true the egg will never abort.


Templates are a way to have your character automatically spend xp as they earn it.

  • Go to and export at level 10, and level 50 (any levels are ok).
  • Create a new directory documents/Decal Plugins/InVitro/templates/<templatename>/
  • Save your template files to the new directory, it doesnt matter what they are named.
  • Open your character egg json file, and add a top level attribute "levelingTemplate": "<templatename>" (whatever you named the directory earlier)
  • As you level, the lowest level template that is not less than your current character will be used.
  • Experience will be dumped into the lowest costing skills first. You can define a level 10 template where all stats are dumped into health, followed by a level 20 template where you add points into war magic, melee defense, etc. This will let you prioritize raising different skills as you level.