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Adding Recipes to MakeIt!

For purpose of our demonstration, we will be adding Fried Anchovy Dough to the Recipe List. You will, of course, add your own recipe and ingredients. If you don't, you probably shouldn't be editing the file anyway.

First, open FullRecipeList.xml

  1. From your Start button, navigate to Program Files >>> Accessories >>> Windows Explorer
  2. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to C Drive >>> ProgramFiles >>> GouruWare >>> Makeit! >>> FullRecipeList.xml
  3. From your browser's menu, select View Source to open file in an editor. **Do not use Microsoft Word or similar programs which may place additional code into your file.
  4. In the file, under </NoMake>add the following lines without bullets:
    • <Category name="My Personal Recipes" display="-1"> <Recipe name="Fried Anchovy Dough" list="Fried Anchovy Dough" use="Frying Pan" on="Anchovy Dough" skill="Cooking" diff="0"/>
    • Since Anchovy Dough doesn't exist in the recipe list, you must add the following line next:<Recipe name="Anchovy Dough" list="Anchovy Dough" use="Dough" on="Pickled Fish" skill="Cooking" diff="0"/>
    • Last, type the following line: </Category>
  5. IN GAME, IN THE CHAT SCREEN, type <font face="Verdana">&lt;font size="3"&gt; /mi file FullRecipeList.xml &lt;/font&gt;</font>

To clarify: Add your recipe name (Fried Anchovy Dough) between the double quotes. Add it again between the double quotes for list. Then add the item you use and the item you use it on in their respective places, between the double quotes. Add the skill (cooking) that is required in the respective Skill spot. Difficulty is 0. If subrecipes for ingredients do not already exist, you'll need to add them as well, in the same manner.

When adding additional recipes, add them just above the


line, omitting the category name portion of Step 4. Voila

Bon App├ętit!