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This is a very old plugin and I'm not sure if it still works correctly, but here is 2 different web archives that might assist you.

Title Author Description
Meginjarder Megin? Version Download

1 What it does

Meginjarder Plugin is a multipurpose plugin to help out with allegiance communication and management. Here are a list of features that you will get if you install Meginjarder plugin:

  • Easy way to find other online members of the allegiance.
  • Adds easy to use allegiance channels based on IRC.
  • Fast way to find a fellowship to join or fellows for your already created fellowship.
  • Tool that logs all tells and gives you one click access to reply.
  • Offline message system. Groupmessages for administrators.
  • In game quest system for easy announcements of quests and events.
  • Get the location of your fellow members with a simple click.
  • In game numbers of your xp statistics if you are in an xpchain.
  • And much more!

2 How it works

Meginjarder plugin intercepts network packets sent to AC and stores character and allegiance information. This information is then uploaded to a database and accessable for other plugin users via the plugin aswell as directly from the homepage.

3 Requirements

  • Asheron's Call running in 3D mode. Decal does not work in software mode.
  • Decal 2.0 or later. Decal homepage is
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or later. Decal as well as Meginjarder Plugin uses components included in Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 5 or 5.5 may work, but is not supported.
  • Imp Filter 2.5 or later. Imp Filter 2.6 comes packed with the plugin.
  • Windows Installer, is included in Win 2000 and Win Xp but not in Win 9x/ME

4 Installation

After making sure that you fullfill the requirements to run/install Meginjarder plugin, follow these three easy steps and you will have a working allegiance solution in no time.

  • Uninstall any prior version of Meginjarder plugin. Running two Meginjarder plugins will put double strain on our servers.
  • Download Meginjarder 2.2 and install it. The plugin will run in this state, but basically nothing will work until you...
  • Download your allegiance specific settings from your allegiance homepage. If you are a Meginjarder allegiance member then Right click on Meginjarder.xml and choose 'Save Target As...'. Save it in the Meginjarder installation directory overwriting the existing Meginjarder.xml. Installation directory is typically c:\program files\meginjarder.

5 Interface

5.1 Chat tab

When someone sends you a tell their name and a short version of their message will be added to the list in this tab. In addition your last 20 tells will be saved to disk when you log out, so you can safely switch between characters and keep up a conversation.

5.2 Message Tab

Offline messages sent by the @message command will show up here. By default the list will only show new messages, but read messages as well as your sent messages are also available through the drop down box.

5.3 Member tab

Member section provides easy access to the most commonly used @member list commands. You can list characters within your level range, nearby members, all the different meginjarder staff members, player killers, chefs, alchemists and much more. The @member list command provides even more options.

5.4 Grouping tab

This is the prime spot for you to look if you want to find a fellowship to hook up with or need a few more fellows in your already existing fellowship. If you are a fellowship leader and enlist, your fellowship name will show up under "Fellowship Leaders". If you are not in a fellowship and enlist, your name will show up under "Solo Players".

5.5 Quests and Events tab

Everyone can easily add a quest or event that they plan to arrange, using the @quest command. For more information on arranging quests or how to use the @quest command please ask our Quest Masters.

5.6 IRC tab

An IRC based solution for the missing allegiance channel problem with Asheron's Call. All IRC servers/channels are defined in Meginjarder.xml so you can add your own easily. Allegiances using the plugin must supply their members with their own Meginjarder.xml defining their own channels.

5.7 Update tab

Adding your character data to the database is the core for all functionality this plugin offers. Before you have updated you will not show up in the member list, nor will you be able to use the offline message system or grouping functionality. An update consists of your own character data such as Name, Level and skills as well as your patron and vassals basic information.

6 Commands

To get a list of all available commands in game, type @meginjarder

6.1 Member commands

To get help about this command in game, type @member

6.2 Message commands

To get help about this command in game, type @message

6.3 Quest commands

To get help about this command in game, type @quest

6.4 Landblock commands

To get help about this command in game, type @landblock

7 Meginjarder.xml

Meginjarder.xml is where the plugin saves all settings such as auto save for each of your characters. This is also the file you will want to edit if you want to add custom IRC channels or change the URL of your allegiance server. Meginjarder.xml is located in the directory where the plugin was installed, typically C:\Pogram Files\Meginjarder.

To edit the XML open it in any text editor. Notepad or Write works perfectly for this.

Channel colors will be the most common reason that people will want to edit the XML. The displayable text colors in AC is limited by the client itself. Zyrca has a sample of all the available colors in her VB Tutorial.