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I did not create these plugins, the purpose of this site is to provide an ease of access to these independently developing plugins.  Clicking on the names will take you to the last known site (alot are no longer in use). And you agree to not hold anyone including anyone associated with or that sends you to this webpage responsible for any programs or anything that happens to your computer. Most are in .zip files so anyone can scan for viruses before attempting to install. 

Authors listed are who I know as the author if none is know I will list unknown and the author can contact me to add credit.


Issues updating Decal?

You open Decal Den Agent, click the Options button, click Change down near the bottom and put in Verify there is no spaces at the beginning or the end or the url. You can also use   (Not sure if this one works any more)



Decal Issue?

As of 2/17/2015 Decal is the latest version. 

Should you need the Portal.dat and Client.dat files you can get them here (Click Here for .dat Files)


Decal Plugins

Title Author EMU Server works on (Green=yes, Red=no) Description
AC+ Flynn not tested yet This plugin provides a variety of enhancements to Asheron's Call. See webpage for more info. (some enhancements require the Radar Add-On)
Full Page View
AceCreator Harli Quin not tested yet Decal Plugin to help with creating content on ACE 
Full Page View
AC Power Saver -lino- not tested yet AcPowerSaver limits your framerate (on the character selection screen and/or ingame) to prevent your GPU fan from spinning up too much.
Full Page View
AC-Stats SimiuS not tested yet Uploads character stats to website for online viewing and comparing against other characters
Full Page View
AC Manager patri0t ColdEve Multi-character portal bot for Asheron's Call
Full Page View
AC Multi Client Losado and Ibespwn not tested yet Used to launch mutiple AC clients. 2 Versions available
Full Page View
AgentZ Zegeger not tested yet AgentZ is a general chat handling, xp tracking and HUD plugin with several additional features. It can filter chat, change the color of a chat line, and add sound alerts for recieving chat, as well as doing command aliases and add information to chat output. It tracks your experience statistics and displays that and other information to a HUD. It also includes a clock HUD and a item HUD, a target HUD, and a status HUD. It also has several other features to make playing easier and more enjoyable, including auto mana stone use, auto bonus gem use, and auto beer use.
Full Page View
A.K.A. Flynn not tested yet Allows you to create aliases to make it easier to /tell people you talk to a lot Download
Alinco Rhesus not tested yet Plugin features several enhancements to AC, including view screen enhancements, inventory management, mob/item identification (requires Alinco World Filter)
Full Page View
Alinco Buffs Rhesus not tested yet This is a simple buffing plugin. When you have Alicno loaded, it adds the buff stats to the hud. (Requires Alinco World Filter)
Full Page View
Alinco3 Losado not tested yet Plugin features several enhancements to AC, including view screen enhancements, inventory management, mob/item identification
Full Page View
Alinco3 Buffs Losado not tested yet This is a simple buffing plugin. When you have Alicno loaded, it adds the buff stats to the hud.
Full Page View
Ammo Gimp Losado not tested yet A Plugin for Archers that automatically equips arrows
Full Page View
Archery Mode Losado Not ColdEve This plugin displays the status of what mode your bow is in.
Full Page View
Arrow Cam Hazridi not tested yet Allows you to manipulate the camera so that you can either follow your missile attacks or change the center of focus onto another item or creature. Download
Babel Fish Digero not tested yet Transltes spell words (e.g. Puish Zharil) into name of the spell cast. It also provides some advanced filtering options, so you don't get spammed by spell casting messages Download
BotShopper Trevis not tested yet A tool to facilitate shopping at trade bots. It has a built in loot rule system with an in-game editor. Download
Buffme Freod not tested yet A Self Buffing Program. Download
Call It! Gouru not tested yet Plugin to assist Colosseum Quest leaders. Download
Cast It! Gouru not tested yet Another Self Buff and Buffbot Program Download
CastAway Buff Bot Maddy not tested yet Customizable Buff Bot.
Full Page View
Catch It! Gouru not tested yet Allows for automated fishing to get titles and wasting time Download
CharStats SimiuS not tested yet Uploads character stats to website for online viewing and comparing against other characters
Full Page View
Chaos Helper invisible fire not tested yet decal plugin that will allow you to customize your commands and make everything a push button instead of using hotkeys and/or chat commands.
Full Page View
ColoHelper -lino- not tested yet Displays a VirindiViewService HUD that shows you the remaining time on the run, the arena you are currently in and the monsters in the next spawn. Additionally it will output the remaining time to your main chat at short intervals during the last few minutes. If you are the leader it will send the remaining time to the fellow chat instead of your main chat window. It automatically detects when you start a run, if you are leader (handed in the ticket) and what arena you are currently in. Download
Combater 2 the-lonewolf not tested yet A Combat Macro Program Download
Commander Radar Mania ColdEve Plugin is a landscape search tool
Full Page View
Comp HUD -lino- not tested yet CompHud shows a HUD that keeps track of components you carry. It also has some text commands to count/move/sort items in your packs.
Full Page View
Corpse Tracker Flynn not tested yet Plugin that lists unopened corpses and optionally highlights them with an arrow pointing to them (from above). Some functionality requires the Radar Add-on Download
CraftBot Paraduck and FireSickle not tested yet A crafting/imbueing plugin for AC Decal
Full Page View
Damage Tracker -lino- not tested yet DamageTracker keeps track of all damage you take in combat and shows you statistics (average and max damage taken, grouped by damage type/element and for melee damage by area) Download
DCS Deadeye not tested yet Outputs the color of armor without having to wield it
Full Page View
Debuffs Simius not tested yet A small decal plugin that keeps track of debuffs on players and creatures.
Full Page View
Defective Hazridi not tested yet Spellbar and Hotbar replacement Hotkeys. Download
Defiance Unknown not tested yet PK Multi Tool Download
Door Butler! Meum al-Malis not tested yet Will open doors automatically. May take a second or two
Tested on EMU ACE server: Door Butler does open doors but when running with looting, Door Butler causes a open corpse lockup.
Advised to use VTank OpenDoors instead
Do Things Bot trevis not tested yet Decal tinker/buff/portal bot plugin
Current list of Recipes
DualLog without MultiClient/DualClient Hell's Wrath not tested yet Asheron's Call system change to be able to DualLog without MultiClient/DualClient.
Full Page View
EmoteButler Meum al-Malis not tested yet For easy handling with all emotes. Define a hotkey in Decal Hotkey System, then change emotes in the list as you want. Always the same hotkey for all emotes. Download
EPS Pet Manager EPS not tested yet Auto summon pets. Control how close monsters have to be before a pet is used.
Full Page View
Evader Maddy not tested yet Filters out your evade and zero damage messages Download
FelscudasNotes -lino- not tested yet FelscudasNotes helps you track one-time quest flags, recalls and portal ties of your characters. Download
Find It! Gouru not tested yet Plugin that will find specific items Download
FOG Ftuoil Xelrash not tested yet A Multi Use Plugin. See Screenshots for more information.
Full Page View
Fortune Hunter Flynn not tested yet Automates handing in gambling tokens, the trophies you get from gambling, and unlocking and handing n mnemosynes Download
GoArrow Digero, Xanius, Harli Quin ColdEve Displays an arrow on your screen that points towards coordinats that you specify. Also will calculate the best routes between points A and B as well as display in game maps of dungeons. Update
Alt Download
GoArrow Fork DLL's Here

Updated Test Version (Unsupported) Instrctions:
1) load new dll ~ Download Here ~
2) load client, clear GoArrow cache on HUD's/ Dungeon tab
3) copy dungeon map cache files ~ Download Here ~
4) restart client
GearFoundry irquk not tested yet GearFoundry is a multi-functional interface enhancement Decal addon for Asheron's Call.
Full Page View
Hex Hazridi not tested yet Hides the AC GUI, allowing the 3d area to fill the whole game window. Download
HouseMan -lino- not tested yet HouseMan is a plugin to help you manage your house guest and storage lists. Download
Hush Maddy not tested yet Gets rid of those annoying messages Download
HWAC Stats Riaf Nayr not tested yet Uploads character stats to website for online viewing and comparing against other characters Download
IDer Simius not tested yet Very simple decal plugin that outputs ID information of items to chat.
Full Page View
Imp Inventory Arkayas not tested yet Scans inventory and outputs to XML, HTML or text file for offline viewing Download
Khao Tipper Ftuoil Xelrash ColdEve A Plugin for tipping cows (for the title)
Full Page View
Lifetank X - Development Xeon_Xarid not tested yet Utility to assist with combat, looting, buffing and general grinding.
Full Page View
Lockes Army Knife -lino- not tested yet A collection of small utilities. Calculates death item drops. Download
LogOnDeath Simius not tested yet Tiny GUI-less plugin to log a player out from game when dead.
Full Page View
LogWiz Digero not tested yet Creates logs of chat text in either plain text or full color. You can choose which types of message it logs, add time stamps make seperate logs for each character. It will mak a new log file for each day. Download
Mag-Tools Mag_nus ColdEve A Mana tracker, Chat filtering and Item Information on Identify Plugin
Full Page View
Make It! Gouru not tested yet Plugin that will produce all kinds of trade skill items for you.
Full Page View
Media Control Digero not tested yet Allows you to control Windows Media Player (and others) from within AC. Download
Meginjarder Megin? not tested yet A multipurpose plugin to help out with allegiance communication and management
Full Page View
MiniMap Flynn ColdEve (Need Radar Add On to work) Adds dungeon walls to the radar. Unvisited areas show in white, while visited areas are shown in blue Download
MiniPK Rim not tested yet A nice package of useful PK items. (please view download instructions for more details) Click here
Full Page View
Mission Impossible Meta Builder Harli Quin not tested yet Alternative way to build Virindi Tank metas Download
Mob Tracker Yew Wan Sum not tested yet Provides the user with a handy way to hunt down rare spawns. Download
Mouse Wheel 2 paradox not tested yet Allows users to use the mouse wheel to perform tasks in game. Download
Mudsort mudzereli not tested yet Mudsort is a powerful sorting plugin for decal it allows you to sort by multiple item attributes such as max damage, value, model, etc, it can also bulk move items between bags.
Full Page View
Mule This -lino- not tested yet MuleThis helps you to mule items like salvage, rares, level 8 components, Dark Isle trophies and a few other things quickly. Download
Mule Trade It! Gouru not tested yet Trade bot plugin for getting rid of all of your junk. Download
NinjAlert Meum al-Malis not tested yet Currently only works in Egg Orchard. ALerts when ninjas are present Download
Octagram irquk not tested yet The Octagram plugin is a plugin for use with the Summoning Skill. Download
PK Hunter Johnus not tested yet Plugin for Player Killers that will upload stats to a server for a PK Ladder type ranking system Download
Plugin (Profile) Manager paradox not tested yet Manage which plugins load up for specific characters Download
Population Filter kgober not tested yet A filter to report the number of people connected to your server Download
Quack Ftuoil Xelrash not tested yet A plugin to log out on death and has an anti-idle setting Download
Quest Timer Digero not tested yet Easily keep track of quest timers across multiple characters and accounts, and publish them online Download
Quick Buff paradox not tested yet Nerfus Buffus style buffing plugin Download
Quick Cast paradox not tested yet Simple Smart Caster Download
Radar Add-on Flynn ColdEve Plugin allows other plugins to add things to AC's radar, including blips, borders, lines, colors. Download
Rare Tracker v3.0.1 invisible fire v3.0.1 .DLL and .INI
It will keep track of kills per hour and rares found for each session. When a rare is found, and if you enable it, it will send you an email (so you can see your rewards when you get them!)
Direct Download:
ReadInv Hunter_of_Tears not tested yet Inventory management plugin to compile your inventory and search through it/create trade lists out of game.
Full Page View
Reloader Meum al-Malis not tested yet Re-load items from your house chest, including arrow heads, potions, peas or whatever else you need Download
Relogic Leather not tested yet an Asheron’s Call relogger.
Full Page View
Scroll Reader 3 -lino- ColdEve Scans your inventory for scrolls of spells you have not learned, and then learns them for you
Full Page View
Scrolls Mania ColdEve Makes all level 8 scrolls and Tells you which spells your missing
Full Page View
Scroll Watcher Unknown not tested yet Scans corpse for scrolls of spells and list in chat what character on your account needs that scroll. Download
Sellvage -lino- not tested yet Automatically sells partial and full bags of salvage to a vendor. Automatically stacks, crams and buys MMDs as needed to have sufficient pack space.
Full Page View
Screenr -lino- not tested yet Automatically takes screenshots when you level or acquire an augmentation. Can also repeatedly take screenshots on a timer. Download
Silence Endy not tested yet Silence is a plugin to help manage chat in Asheron’s Call. Silence is currently being released as a beta.
Full Page View
Sixth Sense Madar al-Aziz & Heysun not tested yet Version 2.8.3 10/31/2004 - Sixth Sense acts as an extended radar for Asheron's Call, giving you notification and coordinates of a configurable set of items and monsters through the Decal UI. Download
SkunkVision Greg Kusnick ColdEve Plugin for making visible in game some things you can't ordinarily see. These inclue (for now) unclimable slopes, impassable water and radar range Download
SkunkWorks Greg Kusnick not tested yet Decal-based scription tool.
Full Page View
Society Aid Paraduck not tested yet Configurable society chat color and output window. Download
SortIt! Gouru not tested yet Plugin to sort packs. Download
Soul Seeker Multiple not tested yet PK Logger -PK Logout (enemies), Low Comps Logout (5 or less), Vitae Logout (10%) -Alt+F4 Alternative Logout (simulates Alt+F4 to kill client) -Friends Database -Sounds -Allegiance Chat Alert Download
Spellbar Saver Digero not tested yet Multi-purpose utility to manage your spellbars Download
Spies Ftuoil Xelrash not tested yet PK Utility Plugin Download
Squire Flynn not tested yet Displays a lits of all worn equipment, indicates whether or not the spells are active and shows the mana remaining. Download
SSSort Digero ColdEve Sorts scrolls, salvage or mana stones in your packs Download
Target HUD Baskill not tested yet Target HUD has been designed to provide more information relating to your currently selected target, such as debuff and vitals tracking, as well as damage weaknesses (using your vTank monster list profile). Download
Target Info Digero not tested yet Tells you which monsters have debuffs on them, regardless of who cast them. You must be around when the debuff is cast Download
The Deep Ftuoil Xelrash not tested yet Turn in gold trophies to the deep or transfer to a mule with a click, in just a few seconds Download
Thwarg-Launcher Thwargle ColdEve This is an application for launching multiple Asheron's Call accounts.
Full Page View
Time and Experience paradox not tested yet Simple HUD based clock and xp tracker Download
Tings Flipo not tested yet All in One plugin for cooking, tinkering, huds, in-game arrow, rare timer, and inventorying Download
Title Tools 1.0 Mania not tested yet Changes AC's window title to the players name on login.
Full Page View
TownCrier amoeba not tested yet A webhook plugin for Decal. Send ingame events (such as dying) to a webhook (such as a Discord channel). TownCrier can also send webhooks on timed intervals (e.g., sending your unassigned XP every hour). Download
TreeStats Kolthar ColdEve TreeStats uploads information about characters you log into with the plugin running, such as: General information (Name, race, level, etc.), Attributes, skills, and titles, Augmentations, ratings, and other miscellaneous information.
Full Page View
Trophy Hunter Johnus not tested yet Keeps track of kills and the trophies that you pick up Download
Tworocks Shortcuts Riaf Nayr not tested yet Shortcuts for common commands and buff bot shortcuts Download
Tworocks Travels Riaf Nayr not tested yet A travel plugin Download
Utility Belt trevis - Cosmic Jester - Harli - Schneebly - Yonneh ColdEve UtilityBelt is a multipurpose decal plugin. Currently it has the following "modules". -AutoVendor - AutoSalvage - Counter - DungeonMaps - InventoryManager - Jumper -QuestTracker - VisualNav. Download
Virindi Booter Virindi Inquisitor not tested yet Cycles through an allegiance bootlist
Full Page View
Virindi Decal Plugin Updater Virindi Inquisitor not tested yet Displays a list of plugins and their current versions
Full Page View
Virindi Follower Virindi Inquisitor not tested yet Auto-follow plugin. Works well in dungeons.
Full Page View
Virindi Item Tool Virindi Inquisitor ColdEve Automates handing large numbers of identical items to a player or NPC
Full Page View
Virindi LogoVideoBlocker Virindi Inquisitor not tested yet Stops AC from playing the loud Turbine intro video at start
Full Page View
Virindi Plugins Bundle Virindi Inquisitor ColdEve The Virindi Plugins Bundle includes:Virindi Tank (Bundle edition), Virindi Views, Virindi Integrator 2, Virindi Reporter, Virindi Chat System 5, Virindi Automatic Updates, Virindi HUDs, Virindi Hotkey System
Full Page View
Virindi Reporter Virindi Inquisitor ColdEve Reports XP/Hour and time to next level based on current rate.
Full Page View
Virindi Tank Virindi Inquisitor ColdEve A general-purpose combat macro geared towards ACM play. This is the standalone edition, which may not be as up to date as the bundle edition.
Full Page View
Virindi OCS Virindi Inquisitor not tested yet Tracks the use and automates the purchase of spell components, with a focus on assisting users of old pre-foci spell components.
Full Page View
VVS Theme Viewer Virindi Inquisitor not tested yet Assists in the import/export of Virindi View XML themes.
Full Page View
Xnuchat Xnumt not tested yet If you are a person who has a great deal of desktop space and would like your chat to be off the AC 3d window that is what Xnuchat will do for you. Download
Virindi XPHelper Virindi Inquisitor not tested yet Calculates how much your str/end/etc should cost based on the costs of your skills.
Full Page View
XPender paradox not tested yet This plugin shortcuts dumping xp into attribs/vitals/skills so that you don't have to keep clicking on the triangle Download
YMCA Ftuoil Xelrash not tested yet A plugin to Alert You when a villa opens up for rent. Download

Stand Alone Applications

Title Author Description
AC Dat Explorer Todd D. Permutter Provides the means to look at the internals of the Asheron's Call DAT file Download
AC Dual Client Drakier Utility to log in multiple accounts at once, or just use it to log in one account
Full Page View
AC Icon Browser Digero AC Icon Browser lets you quickly browse and export the icons available in AC's client_portal.dat file. Download
AC Mapper Tlosk A tile based mapping utility for creating rough drafts of AC dungeon maps. Download
AC Tool Comeron Cole For writing macros. Download
ACQ Launch Flipo This is an application that allows you to quickly log in your toon and manages all your AC accounts and toons. option to Auto start Decal on launch. Crash Recovery for your bots. Option for Login protection to this application. All account info is Encrypted. Download
Cam Studio RenderSoft CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files and using its built-in SWF Producer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs) Download
Cleaner's AC Calculator Cleaner Character Builder, Tinkering Calculator, Granite-Iron Calculator Download
Clean Decal Reg Greg Kusnick Decal Register Cleaner Download
Connor's Nifty Crafts Guide Connor the Craftmaster This is a modification that allows you to press F1 within the game to access the contents of Connor's Nifty Craft Guide. Includes many bits of info often looked up by players in an easy to use pictorial format such as a VIII spells guide, useful recipes and data for all tradeskills, craft quests, and more! Now includes Gearcrafting. Download
Decal View Code Generator Digero For help viewing Decal Code
Full Page View
Endys-Tinkering-Calculator- Endy Basic Tinkering Calculator
Full Page View
Mob Tracker Spawn Map Viewer Yew Wan Sum Zoomable color maps showing spawn locations of terrain spawning creatures. Download
.NET Framework Microsoft .NET is an integral part of many applications running on Windows and provides common functionality for those applications to run. This download is for people who need .NET to run an application on their computer. For developers, the .NET Framework provides a comprehensive and consistent programming model for building applications that have visually stunning user experiences and seamless and secure communication.
Full Page View
Niknak's Cov Calc Niknak Used to calculate tinks to make the best covenant armor suit. Download
Open Office 3 is the leading open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. It is available in many languages and works on all common computers. It stores all your data in an international open standard format and can also read and write files from other common office software packages. It can be downloaded and used completely free of charge for any purpose. Download
Rank 6 Maker Unknown To Help automate making Rank 6 Download
Registry Search Tool Unknown Registry search tool for finding files in the registry Download
Silos Suit Helper Silos Toy Box File was created in OpenOffice OpenDocument SpreadSheet, Used to help make suits.
Full Page View
Team Viewer Unknown TeamViewer connects to any PC or server around the world within a few seconds. You can remote control your partner's PC as if you were sitting right in front of it. Download
Ventrilo Flagship Industries, Inc. Ventrilo 3.0.0 is the next evolutionary step of Voice over IP (VoIP) group communications software. Download
Virindi Tank Classic Looter Examples Multiple Examples .utl files for Virindi Tank Classic Looter
Full Page View
Wiki Swiss Tool Tlosk Crops images and manipulates text to speed wiki contributions. Download
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