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Silos Toy Box - Product Review Request 

If you have a product you would like me to write a review on? There are a few things you should know first. I write honest reviews based on my personal experience with the products and I will not accept bribes or payoffs for more favorable reviews. 

Product Review Request are reviewed on 3 time tables, 
Short Term (3 months or less), 
Mid Term (3 - 12 Months), or 
Long Term (longer than 12 Months). 

The product must be sent to me with a note stating how long you would want me to review the product. The product must be new and if you would like the product return upon review completion? You must send a postage paid return slip. Failure to send a postage paid return slip will be taken as the product does not need to be returned. I will not be held liable for lost packages in the mail, damaged products when I receive them, damaged products during the testing and review process or anything else. If you would like me to review a large or expensive item? It will not be my responsibility to carry any insurance on the product and I will not be held liable to damage or harm that comes from any product. I reserve the right to refuse to review any product if it is not a normal product I would use. For your information I am about 40 years old, Married, Male with 3 children and like electronics, computers, cars, trucks, accessories for cars and trucks (I currently own a 2016 Ram 1500 4x4 Ecodiesel), I own my own home in North Texas area on 1/2 acre of land, I like household, lawn and yard toys (Like robot vacuums, robot mowers, hammocks, bird feeders, bird houses, wind chimes.. etc). If you would like me to review a product and you need more information about me or need me to pickup an item? Just ask..

All you have to do is print this page (Click the Print This Page Button Above, or copy and paste), fill out the form below,  include it with the product when you mail it to me. Default is yes you allow any and all information I see fit to be posted on the review unless you state otherwise.

Your Company Name:______________________________________________________ Do you want a link on the review: ___ Yes, ___ No.

Contact Person at the Company:______________________________________________ Do you want listed on the review: ___ Yes, ___ No.

Contact Phone Number:_____________________________________________________ Do you want listed on the review: ___ Yes, ___ No.

Contact Email:_____________________________________________________________ Do you want listed on the review: ___ Yes, ___ No.

Company Website:__________________________________________________________ Do you want a link on the review: ___ Yes, ___ No.

Product Review Request Term:  ___ Short Term (3 months or less),   ___ Mid Term (3 - 12 Months),   ___ Long Term (longer than 12 Months).

Does the product need to be returned: ___ Yes (Must include a prepaid postage return slip),   ___ No.. If no prepaid postage return slip is included.

    If Yes: Exactly how long would you like the review to run for:___________ Months. (Product will be returned after this time is up. If applies).

What Category would you say this product is: Example: Vehicle, Vehicle Accessory, Computer, Household...etc.______________________________________________________________.

Product Name:_______________________________________________________________ Will be posted on review.

Product Model:_______________________________________________________________ Will be posted on review.

Product Website:______________________________________________________________ Do you want a link on the review: ___ Yes, ___ No.

use additional page if you don't have enough room here.

Mail product to:

Silos Toy Box - Product Review Request

1312 Bonham St. Commerce, TX 75428