23:21:26 [General] G Z Reborn says, "PUBLIC GAUNTLET RUN - Saturday 11/14/15 @ 11pm EST. Depending on demand, there will be limited spots for alts."

23:21:30 [General] G Z Reborn says, "You will need to bring the following - GY Rares for your main skill and life magic - All rends - shadow slayer - burun slayer - virindi slayer - tusker slayer - olthoi slayer - tumerok slayer - mukkir slayer - undead slayer."

23:21:36 [General] G Z Reborn says, "You have time to go out and get what you are missing :) - PST if you would like to join, and what type of a char you will be bringing. You are welcome to sign up more than 1 char, but it will not be guaranteed you can bring them all on the run."