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Commander Radar

Commander Plugins by Mania

As always please use the authors site for the most current versions or updates.

Title Author Description
Radar 1.2.2 Mania Plugin is a landscape search tool Download
Radar 1.2 Mania Plugin is a landscape search tool Download
Radar 1.1 Mania Plugin is a landscape search tool Download
Radar 1.0 Mania Plugin is a landscape search tool Download

Notes: From Mania

Radar v1.2.2 (Special thanks to Yaroz of MT)
Changes include:
  • Yaroz fixed issue with Exceptions: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • Yaroz also fixed issue with setting for marker not loading correctly.

Radar v1.2Radar
Changes include:
  • Bug fixes
  • Typo fixes
  • Audible alerts for user define objects (Optional)
  • All list are now sorted alphabetically
  • Corpse text color changes to red when opened
  • Distances has been changed from clicks to yards (The same unit of measure vTank uses for ranges)
  • Distances refreshing has been improved
  • Added a few chat commands see /radar help for list
  • Added per player UI size and position saving
  • Added per player options saving (Defined Entries are still used across all players)
  • Not sure if I included in version 1.1, but UI is now resizable

Known Issue (Not really Radar problems)
For user defined entry classes are not exactly what you would think. The classes are defined by AC and Decal. Examples: There is a plant class, but plants are actually BaseCooking.
Portals are sometimes classified as NPCs, this affects lists and user defined entries.
I have added “/rader Dump” chat command that dumps the currently selected object properties so you can see what Decal interpret an object as. Example of class is: ObjectClass: Monster
Note Classes are optional and you can just use name if you like, the classes where added just to help filter out results. For example: I use Name: Plant, Class: BaseCooking, Exact False (This defines all plants).
You could also use Name: Plant, Class: Any, Exact False. The latter would return some false positives. You could also use Name: Relanim Plant, Class Any, Exact True.

Radar v1.1Radar

Radar v1.0Radar