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ReadInv is an Asheron’s Call inventory logger written by Hunter_of_Tears of the boards

Title Author Description Download
ReadInv Hunter_of_Tears Inventory management plugin to compile your inventory and search through it/create trade lists out of game.Download File
Size : 92.741 Kb
Type : zip
Taken directly from Hunter_of_Tears on the boards

There is a plugin and a .exe. The plugin has no view just uses a little virindi view to show a progress bar to update the inventory of each character. You can pause updating the inventory or cancel to close the window. It stores all the inventory files in My Documents\ReadInv

The other half is the .exe which you can view all the inventory files from. Open it up and hit the search button to load the inventory. You can sort by all the columns or you can type something in the text box at the top to filter. You can also do a second filter using ctrl+f. You can also filter by class if you right click. If you right click and do 'Copy Format Test', that will give you a format suitable for a tradelist on the boards (auto bolding all relevent cantrips and ratings). Makes it much easier to make trade lists as you can just filter a set, highlight everything and copy it all as format test and just paste it in. It automatically adds lines between items as well. Check the show character name box at the bottom right to include mule names.

Typing /readinv in game will show you all available commands.

There is a find items IG feature. It will now find the item IG for you and bring it to the top of your pack. To use this feature, find the item you want in the ReadInv.exe program, right click it, and select the option 'Find IG'. This will copy a text string to your clipboard. Then go in game on the character the item is on and paste the text string into your chat and hit enter. It will then place the item at the top of your main backpack. If your main backpack is full, it will move the item to the top of the first pack with space.

The string will look something like this:

/readinv find -2146751115:Leather Girth:52:18320