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Relogic is an Asheron’s Call relogger written by Leather of the boards

Title Author Description Download
Relogic V3.0.1.1 Leather an Asheron’s Call reloggerDownload File
Relogic V3.0.1.7 Leather an Asheron’s Call reloggerDownload File
Relogic (unknow if this one works) Leather an Asheron’s Call reloggerDownload File
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Type : zip
Size : 54.946 Kb
Type : zip
Relogic_Cracked.rar Relogic_Cracked.rar
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Do not run any other plugins that log your character off.

Default key bindings must be in use for power setting to function correctly. 

There are three / commands.

/relog enables relogging.

/vitae disables the 10% vitae warning if it pops up.

/hud hides the status hud.

II. Main Hud


Alerts       - Sets target for event report (allegiance, fellowship or both)

AntiThirst   - Sets whether or not tusker pus is used when thirsted

LowComps     - Sets whether or not player will logout when low on components

Power        - Sets VTANK's attack power (low, high or off)

Remote       - Sets whether or not remoting commands are enabled (!logout and !location)

Salvager     - Sets whether or not salvage combining is enabled

Default Time - Sets the default logoff time for this character

III. Component HUD (C)


This HUD allows for the specification of low component logoff limits. Fairly basic stuff.

IV. Enemies HUD (E)


This is the enemies list. Enemies specified in this list will log for the duration specified when adding the enemy. Enemies not in this list default to the default time set on the MAIN HUD.

Valid times are single number or range -- for instance, 5 or 12-45 -- ranges are randomized.

V. Friends (F)


This is the friends list. You will not log from names in this list.

VI. Monarchs (M)


This is the friendly monarch list. 

To use this feature, select a nearby player, type a 'tag' name into the name box, and click add. For example, you can type "UD" when targetting a UD member and clicking ADD. The name doesn't actually matter, it's based off GUI, but names look a lot cleaner in the box. 

VII. Remoting (R)


This is the remoters list. Names added are granted the ability to remotely log your character or request your location when remoting is enabled. (!logout and !location)

VIII. Salvager (S)


This is the salvager limits list. Specify your value caps for the salvager here. If you are attempting to fill tinkering salvage for use rather than sale, it's best to set value to 0 (for example, steel) so it will combine immediately. Currently it does not combine by WK.

It is important to disable CombineSalvage under Advanced Options in Virindi Tank for this to function properly.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------OLD NOTES---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Version 4 is still planned for the not-too-distant future, along with a complete site overhaul.




Relogic is an Asheron’s Call relogger written by Leather of the boards and used by over 250 accounts, priced at $25 per-account.


  • True multi-client / account support
  • 400K (customizable) salvaging
  • Complex logoff timers
  • Event logs
  • Report to /f or /a
  • Vitae logoff at 10% / log-on-death / log-on-void-death
  • Customizable component logoff
  • VTANK power setting
  • And more