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SkunkWorks requires Decal version or higher. See the Decal homepage for information on downloading and installing Decal.

It also requires Microsoft Windows Script version 5.6 or better. Get it here.

You will also need MSXML 4.0 SP2, which you can download here.

Windows 2000 or XP is required. Win9X/Me is no longer supported.

A Visual Basic 6.0 development environment will come in handy, but is not strictly required. SkunkWorks is written almost entirely in Visual Basic (Goric had to resort to C++ for the script hosting code), and the complete source is included in the installation. If something breaks on patch day, a VB compiler will put you in a better position to get up and running again quickly.



version 3.5
December 19, 2006

by Greg Kusnick
Goric Greyskunk of Solclaim

Title Author Description Download
SkunkWorks Greg Kusnick Decal-based scription tool.Download File

UPDATED 3/11/2014

A fix for the "subscript out of range" error. Grab the zip file here or (here) and unzip into your SkunkWorks folder over top of your existing Skapi.dll after running the regular 3.5 installer. 



This section contains scripts, libraries, addons, and utilities contributed by SkunkWorks users. For support on these components, contact the individual component authors. Alot of these scripts are old and may not work. Please contact the devloper on the forum located at for any update or questions

Combat scripts, drain macros, and warbots

Unattended combat macroing is a violation of the Asheron's Call Code of Conduct. Please do not use these scripts for UCM purposes.


SkunkWorks - UserWare Author Description Download
Aerlinthe Quest Reficul Aerlinthe Quest version 1.0 - Macro that does the entire Aerlinte Quest. It does everything from picking up sluice until killing Lady Aerfalle. A lot of configuration in the xml files is needed for it to work for anyone else and don't expect it to work everytime there are a lot of bugs still. Posted mainly to get feedback from other developers on how i have structured things. Feel free to ask me questions about it on the forum. Download File
Auto-Loot Vincent/Merlyn Auto-Loot version 1.3.5 - This release of Auto-Loot is for the July 2003 update. It requires Skunkworks 2.4 and Decal 2.5.2 to operate properly. Download File
MetaDrain Climax MetaDrain version 1.30 - Included is the full source code for one of the most notorious drain bots ever created for AC (I sold dozens of copies at $100+ per copy). It has not been updated to work with the new drain spells, so it cannot be used as-is. However, it does contain many useful routines and concepts that many help you in your own scripts. Its core AI engine is the most advanced that I have seen in any AC bot, and could be extended to include more complex functionality and abilities such as navigation, using melee/war/archery, etc.Download File
Tankpal Shon Tsu Tankpal version 1.1 - Tankpal is a companion script to El-tank, that performs actions that el-tank doesnt. Its offered without any support and will not be maintained by the author. Download File
WarBot Maud-Dib WarBot version 2.15 - A combat bot for mages only (war magic needed). Evades war spells, can attack from multiple locations, retreats when swarmed by creatures, loots kills, and auto USTs. Extract zip to directory C:\WarBot215 and read the file AAAREADME.TXT for installation info and complete feature details. See CHANGES.TXT for new stuff this release. Download File
SkunkWorks - UserWare Author Description Download
Debugger.vbs kgober Debugger.vbs version 20030208 - A simple debugger, allows you to execute commands in-game by typing them on the chat line. Just add Debugger.vbs to your project and you're done! Also comes with a project file and a Main.vbs in case you want to run it standalone. Download File
FamilyDefs GKusnick FamilyDefs - Spell family codes as used by skapi.CospellFromFamily and Download File
Pauser GKusnick Pauser version 1.0 - Simple script add-on for pausing and resuming a script using the Pause key on the keyboard.Download File
Xnav GKusnick Xnav version 1.2 - Extensible navigation package for creating and executing routes including both predefined and user-defined waypoint types. Predefined types include doors, portals, recalls, and jumpoffs. Sample Subway-running route included. Version 1.2 features improved door and portal usage. See the included documentation for details. Download File

Moneymaking scripts

Note that moneymaking exploits tend to be nerfed fairly quickly, so scripts in this category that are more than a month or two old probably won't make money anymore (but may still be useful as coding examples).


SkunkWorks - UserWare Author Description Download
BotManager Myrdhyn BotManager version 1.0.0 - Bot Manager script to allow you go load, unload, or restart bots remotely through /tells. Also allows for a calendar functionality and relogs you on in case of a disconnect. Read BotManager.js for comments on how to modify for your needs. Download File
DibBot Maud-Dib DibBot version 2.08 - A multi-character portal bot. Summons up to 20 portals on one account and also can use gems to the 9 portal gem towns. Extract zip to directory C:DibBot208 and read the file AAAREADME.TXT for installation info and complete feature details. Only change this release is to support 10 character slots.
11th Character fix for DibBot (does not allow 11th toon to work Unzip and Replace These 2 Files
Download File
GarageSale Buffslave II of Darktide GarageSale version 0.5.3 - GarageSale is an advanced salvage selling bot that is much easier to use than a traditional trade bot such as TradeIt. Features include easy buying of bulk salvage, simple pricing structure, and maintaining a shopping cart. This release fixes a critical error in the v0.5.2 release. All users are recommended to upgrade immediately. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN UNZIPPING! Don't overwrite your configuration files with the defaults! Download File
Updated on 9/06/12
Irquk's GarageSale version 0.5.4 - Sell salvage with the best of em. Skunkworks required. Garage Sale v0.5.4 Download File
SkunkWorks - UserWare Author Description Download
Academy Cestus Run Bael Gladius Academy Cestus Run version 1.0 - Does the academy cestus run for profit. Download File
MagicMoney Brainb52 MagicMoney version 2.0.0 - This release of Auto-Loot is for the July 2003 update. It requires Skunkworks 2.4 and Decal 2.5.2 to operate properly. Download File
Ogzplat - Spike Ogz Ogzplat - Spike version 1.7r - 1 - see include ogzplat17.htm file for details on requirementsDownload File
Rithwic Potions Morkai Rithwic Potions version 20040319 - Uses Alchemy and Healing skills only to make health potions for profit in Rithwic. Expect this to be nerfed soon. Read and follow the instructions *very* carefully. Download File
SpikeBot.vbs kgober SpikeBot.vbs version 20030431 - This is a state-driven spike making macro. It will try to make the most efficient use of your packspace and burden capacity, making as large a batch of spikes as it thinks you can handle, only stopping to buy plats/peas/tradenotes/etc. when you become too full of pyreals. The default configuration assumes you're lifestoned in Rithwic and purchases platinum scarabs from the Retreat archmage, but it can be customized to work elsewhere, or to buy different items from other merchants. Download File

Buffbots, portalbots, and other service bots


SkunkWorks - UserWare Author Description Download
ACF Therkyn ACF version 2.2 - Alchemy, Cooking, Fletching, Lockpick XP loop. Also supports Critter and Glyph usage. Supports L7 buffbot requests to increase productivity. Supports Ad Hoc production, abort at time, reporting, creates its own purchase list, preps its own components based on purchase list. Est: 140K/hr with 250+ ACF, less with lower skills. Download File
BuyLow-SellHigh Xeon Xarid BuyLow-SellHigh version 1.1 - Update to fix error with selecting the Item tab before buying from vendors Download File
BuyScrolls Ogz BuyScrolls version 1.2 - Selects only the scrolls you do not know already from the scriveners inventory and sets them up for purchase. read the enclosed Buy Scrolls.htm for much more detail.Download File
Fishing Mastery Self I YodGandha Fishing Mastery Self I version 0.4 alpha - A very simple fishing script. Fishes, releases small fish, stops when your pack is full and logs @tells. Feel free to add your own features :) Download File
FletchBot Maud-Dib FletchBot version 1.02 - Basic fletching script that makes greaters and/or deadly arrow heads. Just load up your char with raw supplies(arrowheads, peas, alchemy materials) and execute. Zip can be extracted into any directory. Download File
Inventory Organizer Oliver Inventory Organizer version 1.0 - This is written in VB6, what it does is it makes a list of everything in your inventory (name and stackcount) so you log onto all your mules, read the inventory, it stores it in a text file, and then you can seach all your mules for items, and it will tell you how many you have, and on which charactor it is located. U can also set a "points" value to items you search and it will tally up how many points worth of items you have. Useful for working out just how high u can bid on an auction. Download File
Mana Check Ogz Mana Check version 1.0 - iterates your worn items and tabulates a total mana requirement. Download File
MoneyChanger.vbs kgober MoneyChanger.vbs version 20050118 - MoneyChanger will convert wealth from one form to another. It comes preconfigured to convert pyreal peas to M notes at Anyao Zai's in Hebian-To, but it can be customized to work elsewhere, or to buy and sell different items.Download File
NewBuff Unknown NewBuff - This is the InstaOg macro that was posted, not by me. I am just a user of it and thought it was very helpful. Download File
Skills Vincent/Merlyn Skills version 0.9.1 - Checks for the most efficient way to raise skills and checks attributes to see if there would be a benefit to doing the attribute quest. Download File
Script Launcher Cyprias SkunkWorks script to launch other scripts based on which character is logged in. Direct Download at Download File
Skunkworks Syntax File Therkyn Skunkworks Syntax File version 1.0 - Syntax Dictionary for Skunkworks for TextPad 4 Download File
SMIncFocus SMInc SMIncFocus version - This is a simple script to keep AC in the foreground (focused) and is aimed at helping other plugins such as ACTrade that dont like being backgrounded unexpectedly by virus checkers etc. It will check for focus every few minutes (User defined) and bring AC to the foreground if not already there. Installation : Create a directory called SMIncScripts in your Asheron install directory and extract the ZIP. Usage : Just run it. Includes optional sounds (copied from TankPal). To use sounds extract the sounds zip into the SMIncScripts folder. Download File
SMIncTemple SMInc SMIncTemple version - This is a simple script that uses Hyssop (Malar) to get inside the Temples of Enlightenment / Forgetfulness. Installation : Create a directory called SMIncScripts in your Asheron install directory and extract the ZIP. Usage : Be carrying some Hyssop, get near a Temple and run the script. Includes optional sounds (copied from TankPal). To use sounds extract the sounds zip into the SMIncScripts folder. Download File
SMIncViolet SMInc SMIncViolet version (2004-11-21) - Collects a defined number of Violet Balls from a Town Crier by handing him pyreals one at a time. Logs on full pack. Includes optional sounds (copied from TankPal) Download File
TaskMaster Vincent/Merlyn TaskMaster version 0.7.1 - Easily build a sequence of actions to perform tasks. Group multiple tasks together in a task file. Pause and resume tasks at any point. Skip forward or back up steps when paused. Insert, Delete, Edit and replace steps while paused. Optionally pause when attacked or after each step. Define hot-keys for common actions Download File