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As of July 09,2009
The Latest Versions are:
Decal 3 Alpha ( Download File
Decal Mirror
Does not include DirectX or .net framework
Download File
Memlocs ( Download File
Decal Update utility Download File
Decal Plugins

Title Description Download
A.K.A. Allows you to create aliases to make it easier to /tell people you talk to a lotDownload File
AC+ This plugin provides a variety of enhancements to Asheron's Call. See webpage for more info. (some enhancements require the Radar Add-On)Download File
AgentZ Adds a variety of enhancements to AC, including command shortcuts, and chat window enhancementsDownload File
Alinco Plugin features several enhancements to AC, including view screen enhancements, inventory management, mob/item identification (requires Alinco World Filter)Download File
Alinco Buffs This is a simple buffing plugin. When you have Alicno loaded, it adds the buff stats to the hud. (Requires Alinco World Filter)Download File
Alinco3 Updated. Plugin features several enhancements to AC, including view screen enhancements, inventory management, mob/item identificationDownload File
Alinco3 Buffs Updated. This is a simple buffing plugin. When you have Alicno loaded, it adds the buff stats to the hud.Download File
Ammo Gimp A Plugin for Archers that automatically equips arrowsDownload File
Archery Mode This plugin displays the status of what mode your bow is in.Download File
Babel Fish Transltes spell words (e.g. Puish Zharil) into name of the spell cast. It also provides some advanced filtering options, so you don't get spammed by spell casting messagesDownload File
BotShopper Allows you to easily purchase items from a tradebot.Download File
CallIt! Plugin to assist Colosseum Quest leaders.Download File
Cast It! Another Self Buff and Buffbot ProgramDownload File
CastAway Buff Bot Customizable Buff Bot.Download File
Catch It! Allows for automated fishing to get titles and wasting timeDownload File
Combater 2 A Combat Macro ProgramDownload File
Corpse Tracker Plugin that lists unopened corpses and optionally highlights them with an arrow pointing to them (from above). Some functionality requires the Radar Add-onDownload File
CraftBot (Check Link later)Tinkering and Craft BotDownload File
DCS Outputs the color of armor without having to wield itDownload File
Door Butler Will open doors automatically. May take a second or twoDownload File
Evader Filters out your evade and zero damage messagesDownload File
Find It! Plugin that will find specific itemsDownload File
Fortune Hunter Automates handing in gambling tokens, the trophies you get from gambling, and unlocking and handing n mnemosynesDownload File
GoArrow Displays an arrow on your screen that points towards coordinats that you specify. Also will calculate the best routes between points A and B as well as display in game maps of dungeonsDownload File
Hush Gets rid of those annoying messagesDownload File
HWACStats Uploads character stats to website for online viewing and comparing against other charactersDownload File
Imp Inventory Scans inventory and outputs to XML, HTML or text file for offline viewingDownload File
Khao Tipper A Plugin for tipping cows (for the title)Download File
Lifetank X - Development Utility to assist with combat, looting, buffing and general grinding.Download File
LifetankXI (Dead Link)Plugin used to automate the tasks of killing, IDing and Looting. Should not be used unattendedDownload File
LogWiz Creates logs of chat text in either plain text or full color. You can choose which types of message it logs, add time stamps make seperate logs for each character. It will mak a new log file for each day.Download File
Make It! Plugin that will produce all kinds of trade skill items for you.Download File
Media Control Allows you to control Windows Media Player (and others) from within AC.Download File
MiniMap Adds dungeon walls to the radar. Unvisited areas show in white, while visited areas are shown in blueDownload File
Mob Tracker Provides the user with a handy way to hunt down rare spawns.Download File
Mouse Wheel 2 Allows users to use the mouse wheel to perform tasks in game.Download File
Mule Trade It! Trade bot plugin for getting rid of all of your junk.Download File
PK Hunter Plugin for Player Killers that will upload stats to a server for a PK Ladder type ranking systemDownload File
Plugin (Profile) Manager Manage which plugins load up for specific charactersDownload File
Population Filter A filter to report the number of people connected to your serverDownload File
Quack A plugin to log out on death and has an anti-idle settingDownload File
Quest Timer Easily keep track of quest timers across multiple characters and accounts, and publish them onlineDownload File
Quick Buff Nerfus Buffus style buffing pluginDownload File
Quick Cast Simple Smart CasterDownload File
Radar Add-on Plugin allows other plugins to add things to AC's radar, including blips, borders, lines, colors.Download File
Rare Tracker (Check link Later)Tracks rares and sends information to a server for general statisticsDownload File
Reloader Re-load items from your house chest, including arrow heads, potions, peas or whatever else you needDownload File
Scroll Reader 3 Scans your inventory for scrolls of spells you have not learned, and then learns them for youDownload File
Scroll Watcher Scans corpse for scrolls of spells and list in chat what character on your account needs that scroll.Download File
SkunkVision Plugin for making visible in game some things you can't ordinarily see. These inclue (for now) unclimable slopes, impassable water and radar rangeDownload File
SkunkWorks Decal-based scription tool.Download File
SortIt! Plugin to sort packs.Download File
Spellbar Saver Multi-purpose utility to manage your spellbarsDownload File
Squire Displays a lits of all worn equipment, indicates whether or not the spells are active and shows the mana remaining.Download File
SSSort Sorts scrolls, salvage or mana stones in your packsDownload File
Target Info Tells you which monsters have debuffs on them, regardless of who cast them. You must be around when the debuff is castDownload File
The Deep Turn in gold trophies to the deep or transfer to a mule with a click, in just a few secondsDownload File
Time and Experience Simple HUD based clock and xp trackerDownload File
Tings All in One plugin for cooking, tinkering, huds, in-game arrow, rare timer, and inventoryingDownload File
Trophy Hunter Keeps track of kills and the trophies that you pick upDownload File
Tworocks Shortcuts Shortcuts for common commands and buff bot shortcutsDownload File
Tworocks Travels A travel pluginDownload File
Virindi Booter Cycles through an allegiance bootlistDownload File
Virindi Follower Auto-follow plugin. Works well in dungeons.Download File
XPender This plugin shortcuts dumping xp into attribs/vitals/skills so that you don't have to keep clicking on the triangleDownload File

Stand Alone Applications

Title Description Download
AC Dat Explorer Provides the means to look at the internals of the Asheron's Call DAT file Download File
AC Dual Client Utility to log in multiple accounts at once, or just use it to log in one account Download File
Cleaner's AC Calculator Character Builder, Tinkering Calculator, Granite-Iron Calculator Download File
Ventrilo Ventrilo 3.0.0 is the next evolutionary step of Voice over IP (VoIP) group communications software. Download File
AC Tool For writing macros. Download File
Niknak's Cov Calc Used to calculate tinks to make the best covenant armor suit. Download File
Skype Talk face-to-face with friends, family and colleagues. Download File
Cam Studio CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files and using its built-in SWF Producer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs) Download File