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As always you should go to the authors website for the most current version of Thwarg-Launcher by Thwargle is at

Should you need the Portal.dat and Client.dat files you can get them here (Click Here for .dat Files)

Should you need to delete the config files for a TRUE fresh install - Uninstall the Launcher and per Thwargle
There is an app data folder that holds all the configuration. If you press windows key + r, type %appdata% and click ok, should bring you to the folder area. delete the Thwarglauncher folder from there. There is also a thwargle games folder that houses only update info; safe to delete but not necessary

If you are having corrupted .dat files alot then you may want to make ThwargLauncher direct each client to it's own path and a seperate aclauncher.exe. Remember in Decal Den agent you need to manually add the MagFilter.dll that comes with ThwargLauncher or it wont work correct.

Title Author Description Download
Thwarg-Launcher Thwargle This is an application for launching multiple Asheron's Call accounts.Download File


This is an application for launching multiple Asheron's Call accounts. The user will be able to input each of their AC accounts and select multiple servers. Once this application is configured correctly, the user will be able to click a single "Launch" button and play all of their accounts on whichever server is selected at the same time. 

I built this application to make the easiest most user-friendly interface for managing multiple accounts that I've seen. 

This application now utilizes Advanced Installer. It's a great tool with a wonderful UI for building installers with auto update functionality. See:  Advanced Installer Website at

The launcher supports both PhatAC and ACE emulation servers of the game. These are two separate efforts to emulate the server-side, but you can manage and launch clients to either type using this launcher.


- New Edit Servers button with LOTS of "Add Server" fixes.
- Added new after login complete message queue (/mf alcmq) commands to magfilter
- Fixed various issues with espander and viewing etc.

- Various UI Bug Fixes for "Add Server" window
- Fixed missing images issue from Help menu.

- Added Server Status
- Added F5 hotkey for Launching

- Added a Simple Launch UI

- Added an Add Server UI to add either PhatAC or ACE servers to the server list 
- Implemented a fix for Logging characters all the way in to the game 
- Fixed bug that could potentially crash launcher when server list wasn't recieved correctly 
- Improvements to server list UI 
- Various small bug fixes throughout

- Fixed a small bug to correct adding custom PhatAC servers from the .xml 
- Removed reference to PhatAC server URL from source 
- Fixed text to read AC Client File Location from Launcher 
- Fixed the edit users window to remove references to the old "Live" servers


- Modified to support EMU development for both Phat AC and ACE server types

- Changed name from ACAccountManager to ThwargLauncher 
- Unable to log in characters with Apostrophe in the name 
- Sometimes accounts didn't realize they were closed (they were having an existential crisis)


- Updated bug with installer. 
- Fixed an issue where the launcher would delete profiles.

- Fixed problem with launching profiles 
- Added status symbols to character display in launcher (customizable via app.config) 
- Added team names to character display in launcher 
- Added broadcast and team commands to MagFilter - see Documentation


-Added new Heartbeat functionality to maintain and detect running games. The Launch button will only launch accounts which are not already running (i.e. have crashed). 

-Added back a button for opening user Accounts.

- Updated profile window to have better functionality 
- Integrated updates to launcher so it checks for updates every time you start the application 
- Modified MagFilter.dll to merge in missing trunk functionality


- Fixed cancel button to work, and moved up next to Launch
- Added several seconds for character login to complete
- Fixed button colors
- Improved installer
- Fixed window rename


- Fixed a bug where timezone was not handled properly by c# and json serialization
- Added cancel button for launch sequence
- Added a msgbox to confirm/deny deleting profiles
- Fixed invalid profile message when application first launched
- Set min main window height/width
- Modified the comments on the accounts.txt file to correctly reflect all possible parameters
- Allow account alias (displayed on main window instead of actual account name)
- Fixed bug for renaming window title correctly

RELEASE NOTES - Released: Nov 13, 2015

New version implementing very large overhaul. Completely new UI. Implemented the ability to log all the way in to a character on each server for each account added. UI now uses processes to intelligently wait for the launcher to become available before attempting to log another account in.